World roulette Qatar: Messi’s Argentina favorite, then Brazil (Watch out for the English and CR7). My Predictions

The World in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pecunia non olet: as if Paris Saint-Qatar played on Mars. Without Italy, out for the second time in a row after Russia 2018, and for the third overall, after Sweden 1958. The World Cup, which until 1970 was named after Jules Rimet, it is an exclusive lobby. There are already twenty-one editions in the archives, and no more than eight nations decorate the bulletin board: Brazil 5, Germany and Italy 4, Argentina, France and Uruguay 2, England and Spain 1. Since 1978, the year in which the he Argentina of Mario Kempes, there were just two “intruders”: the France of Zinedine Zidane in 1998 and the Spain of the “seamstresses” in 2010.
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Messi: “Argentina are not favourites, 3 national teams are superior…”

It will be the last tango of Leo Messi35 completed, e Cristiano Ronaldo, 38 in Feb. The flea comes to you from the pasha, Cierre in a hysterical and arrogant way, canceled by Manchester United. Without ifs and without alibis. The strongest team doesn’t always win. Because then it would almost always be Brazil’s turn. Sometimes the strongest squad wins for a month, that month there. Like Italy in 1982 and 2006. My favorite is Messi’s Argentina. More solid, more mature, with a “master” finally escaped from the prison in which they had relegated him the scabrous comparisons with Diego Maradona and the embarrassing differences in performance between Barcelona and «Seleccion». Having snatched the 2021 America’s Cup from Brazil, and moreover from the Maracanà in Rio, was the turning point. Maybe it won’t be enough, but Angel Di Maria’s goal marked a before and after. So watch out.

Messi: “Play until 40? No, but I’ll stay in football”

Then the Brazil of Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and Juventus Maginot (Danilo, Bremer, Alex Sandro). Capable of everything, according to tradition: to dribble Everest and fall from a hill. From the Maracanazo of 1950 to the German shame of 2014 (1-7, even) the tendency to “suicide” accompanies its history and often undermines its spirit. Then France Queen of Moscow. The France of Kylian Mbappé and Karim Benzema, fresh Ballon d’Or. Didier Deschamps will be missing half of the midfield: N’Golo Kanté and Paul Pogba. The mental problem of the sudden and stunning escapes that occasionally, instead of freeing her, cheat her is alarming: I am thinking of the Switzerland of the last European Championship.

From Bellingham to Rodrygo: the 10 young talents to watch in Qatar

Further away, but not too much, Germany, Belgium (eternal unfinished: explodes or implodes), Spain And Portugal (see under Christian). Hans-Dieter Flick and Luis Enrique are on the hunt for goals: the game can do a lot, not everything. Assuming that such are to be considered, surprises could come from England and Uruguay: by the English, because they are no longer staggering in spring but burning and quivering in the middle of the calendar. The Uruguayans, if they manage to merge two generations: from Oscar Washington Tabarez, the master, to Diego Alonso, the pupil. And, in the field, the litter of Rodrigo Bentancur, Federico Valverde and Darwin Nunez with the tribe of Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani.

Van Gaal, no superstition: “The Netherlands will be champions”

Luka Modric’s runners-up Croatia and Christian Eriksen’s Denmark are my wildcards. I don’t believe in Poland and Serbia. Holland doesn’t fully convince me, even if Louis Van Gaal favors the ethics (of the result) over the labels. Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia they are the carriages of an African «train» which not even this time, I fear, will arrive on time (for a semi-final, at least). Australia, Wales, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, the United States, Switzerland belong to the loose landmine zone. The fate of Saudi Arabia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Iran and Qatar seems written in the sand of the desert: and it is not a metaphor. As top scorer, I’ll throw in two: Benzema And Harry Kane. Among the youngsters, the midfielder Jude Bellingham (born 2003), Borussia Dortmund and England, e Raphael Leao (1999), Milan and Portugal. It is the first World Cup in an Arab country, the first in the autumn (for us Europeans), the first in mid-season in a box full of money and full of scandals. The mystery of the unpublished furrows the analyzes and influences the predictions. Live for the day, nothing else remains.

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World roulette Qatar: Messi’s Argentina favorite, then Brazil (Watch out for the English and CR7). My Predictions