World Cup 2022: Meanwhile, Brazil rejoice over Argentina’s misfortunes

Brazil fans rejoiced in Argentina’s defeat on Tuesday against Saudi Arabia (1-2) at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Who loves well chatises as well. Best enemy and rival of Argentina, Brazil was delighted with the surprise defeat of the Albiceleste against Saudi Arabia (1-2) this Tuesday at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In the wake of the feat of the selection led by Hervé Renard, Seleçao supporters reveled in the failed performance of Lionel Messi’s partners. The “schadenfreude”, this joy of rejoicing in the misfortune of others, is intimately linked to the world of football, its Cup and its malignant taunts between rival nations. It is at its peak Tuesday in Brazil after the rout of Argentina against Saudi Arabia at the World Cup.

>> Argentina-Saudi Arabia (1-2)

Argentina among the fashionable subjects in Brazil

‘Argentina’ has quickly become the number one trending topic on Twitter in Brazil, fueled largely by mockery from fans who openly admit that after their team’s victories, their second pleasure in the World Cup is to see the Argentinian enemy lose. .

A tweet summed up this feeling: “There are three things that bring joy to any Brazilian. 1. Barbecue 2. Holidays 3. Argentinian tears”.

A supporter posted a selfie wearing the yellow and green Seleçao jersey, smiling broadly, with the comment: “Don’t cry for me Argentina”, the soundtrack performed by Madonna from the film “Evita”, the biopic on Eva Peron, renowned Argentine actress and politician.

The improbable “zebra” of Brazilian fans

Posts show the Argentinian flag with the sun in the middle replaced by a crying yellow emoji. “Schadenfreude is the translation ‘Argentina got screwed’?” Asks another post with irony. Much of the teasing was inspired by Brazilian slang where the word “zebra” is equated with “unlikely event”.

“A ‘zebra’ at the World Cup is good, but a ‘zebra’ with Argentina is INCREDIBLY good,” read another tweet.

“Argentina lost their invincibility as they entered the World Cup in a ‘zebra’. If that’s not a great morning for any Brazilian football fan, I don’t know what is!” , added another.

Beware of revenge after Brazil-Serbia

The fans are holding here a form of revenge for the Seleçao, beaten by the Albiceleste in the final of the Copa America 2021, which is moreover at home in the legendary Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. But other supporters of Brazil, cited like Argentina among the potential favourites, tempered their enthusiasm. “Let’s calm down. Brazil are playing tomorrow, and they are favourites!” One of them wrote ahead of Neymar’s debut on Thursday against Serbia.

And then there is the still-living pain of the not-so-distant humiliation experienced by the Brazilians on home soil at the 2014 World Cup and the stinging 7-1 defeat in the semi-finals. “Argentina’s defeat may have been a big ‘zebra’, but unfortunately for us, better not even remember our biggest shame, right?” Recalls a twittos.

World Cup 2022: Meanwhile, Brazil rejoice over Argentina’s misfortunes