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Twenty years he’s been waiting for this! Twenty years he hopes to celebrate again to celebrate the much desired “hexacampeonato” – the sixth crown of Brazil in the World Cup. But his successors are long overdue. Since his title alongside Ronaldo and Rivaldo in particular, Ronaldinho has seen his Seleçao break his teeth at each World Cup. So has the time finally come to put an end to this scarcity? “Brazil can make a great World Cup and become champions again“, slips hopeful the former Parisian, during an interview with the Teqball federation FITEQ of which he is the ambassador.

Impressive during the AmSud qualifications with 14 wins for three small draws, Brazil, solidly rebuilt by coach Tite, will launch their World Cup sure of their strength. With clearly stated ambitions. To the point that a whole country is starting to dream again. As at every World Cup in fact, but this time, Ronaldinho sees a small difference. “Brazil are still favorites“, laughs Ronnie. “When we talk about football, Brazil always is. (…). But I hope that this time, the Seleçao will once again triumph and make the people proud. There, we have a World Cup for which the Seleçao will arrive being very good.”

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Brazil has lost its mojo? “It never happened and it never will”

It is time for his prophecy to come true because the period of scarcity is starting to be long. During the past two decades, the Seleçao has accumulated disappointments. Three times, the Brazilians have stumbled in the quarter-finals (2006, 2010, 2018). And the only time they found the half, the Auriverde suffered a real humiliation, with a slap 7-1 against Germany during “their” World Cup in 2014 at home. Living for so many years without planetary coronation begins to question the country of Pelé and football king. With a question: has Brazil lost its mojo?

It’s soccer. Brazil always come to a World Cup with great players. But sometimes things don’t turn out the way you imagine“, Pleads Ronaldinho. The former Barcelonan refuses to see in these repeated failures an incurable evil, which would block his compatriots in their ultimate quest on the international scene. “It never happened and it never will, says the 2005 Ballon d’Or when asked about the possibility that Brazil have lost the ingredients of their past successes. It’s just that things don’t always go as planned.u.”

It was 20 years ago, but it feels like it happened yesterday

To relieve a whole people, Brazil has many weapons, especially in the offensive field where Tite has a rare wealth. What obviously make the happiness of an artist like Ronaldinho. “All players in midfield and attack have very ‘Brazilian’ characteristics, with dribbling and speed“, savors the former Catalan magician. A striking force which suggests that this Auriverde selection has enough to follow in the footsteps of the famous Ronaldo-Rivaldo-Ronaldinho triplet of 2002. But for that, the Brazil of 2022 would do well to learn the lessons of the past and the keys to the success of the Seleçao 2022: “The connection was good. But not just between the three of us. But with the whole team, explains Ronnie. They were a group of loyal players. On the pitch, things were going well because we got along really well outside.. “

The first echoes coming from Qatar point in the same direction. But Neymar and co still have a long way to go to equal their illustrious predecessors. And treat yourself to unforgettable memories: “That was 20 years ago, but it feels like yesterday, tells Ronaldinho about his world title. It really is one of the best moments of my career. To be world champion with the Seleçao is to fulfill a childhood dream. It’s always good to think about it. Thank God, I have experienced other wonderful moments but this is the most striking.

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WORLD 2022 – Brazil – Ronaldinho: “To be world champion with the Seleçao is to fulfill a childhood dream”