While Ebrard plans the 2026 World Cup, Mexico falls to Brazil… at the IDB

The Secretary of Foreign Relations makes castles in the air in Qatar: “Thinking about the ceremony that we will have to do in 2026 at the inauguration in Mexico.” Meanwhile, Mexico loses to Brazil… in the IDB election!

EMEEQUIS.– His tweet generated more criticism than support: “Thinking about the ceremony that we will have to do in 2026 at the inauguration in Mexico,” he put Marcelo Ebrard since QatarAs if he took his presence for granted in two years, as president?

In responses, they demanded that he be future, when in 2026 he probably will not appear as chancellor, president or official. In addition, it will be a World Cup of three countries: United States, Mexico and Canada. The first with 11 host cities, the second with three and the third with two.

While Ebrard dodged the darts, Mexico lost to Brazil… in the dispute for the presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, does not let go of the campaign even in Qatar, and displays almost fifty images including photos, reels and videos distributed on his Twitter and Instagram accounts about his soccer activities:

Ebrard dominating the ball with his head; Ebrard accompanied by old soccer celebrities and sports stars from Mexican television; Ebrard merged with the surprised groups of soccer fans; Ebrard panning the Al-Bayt stadium in Doha and stealing inspiration from sportswriters, to himself narrate the details of the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup…

Meanwhile, on this side of the world, the foreign policy of the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He ran into a wall in his search for the presidency of the IDB, after the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean elected the Brazilian this Sunday Ilan Goldfajn for that position, in response to the Obradorista proposal, the lieutenant governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), Gerardo Esquivel.

The Mexican bank official agreed to recognize in the winner “the great technical background and extensive experience, which will allow him to have a good performance”, to whom he wished success.


The Obradorista foreign minister and presidential “corcholata” began to share activities related to or mixed with the World Cup soccer euphoria since Saturday, when he inaugurated the Central Mexico, a kind of fast track consulate oriented to the Mexican population attending the sporting event.

Ebrard a photograph in which he appears “dominating” a ball, accompanied by Mexican celebrities from the soccer environment, as well as by bureaucrats from the agency he heads and from the National Guard, at the indicated diplomatic headquarters, and commented: “Inaugurating Centro México in Qatar with Jared Borgetti, SRE team, our fans and National Guard officer Galindo”.

Ebrard appeared wearing a green vest specially manufactured for the Foreign Ministry staff assigned to that headquarters, with the legend on the lapel: “Central Mexico. Qatar 2022”.

The official posted a promotional on Instagram about the aforementioned consular service center, which he presented alongside the well-known sports commentator from TYV Azteca, Ines Saenz. In the recording, Ebrard appears with numerous Mexican soccer fans.

He also photographed himself with the sports commentator and former soccer player Luis García, and commented: “And that I meet Dr García at the Mexico Qatar 2022 Center. Yes, the same one who filled us with enthusiasm with those two legendary goals from our team against Ireland in the 1994 World Cup. Luisazo, pride of Mexico!

But it was this Sunday when Ebrard exhibited a kind of communication compulsion, as he shared dozens of images about his soccer activities.

It can already be seen in 2026 inaugurating the World Cup.


Starting at 8:50 in the morning, Mexico time, the foreign minister shared his first video on all his networks, in which he commented:

“Already preparing for the opening of the World Cup, in Doha. Mexico has been invited, mainly, in addition to all the countries that are part of FIFA, but mainly because we are going to host the World Cup in 2026. So, today we will be there together with the United States and Canada, tomorrow we will have a event of the three countries of North America, and I will be taking the flight Tuesday very early to be in Mexico in time for the Pacific Summit that begins with the arrival of the president of Chile, Gabriel Porras. Well, I will inform you later how the inaugurations of the different events are going here and I send you many greetings”.

He posted images and recordings that he commented: “As you will see, as of today we are receiving special treatment together with the United States and Canada, for being the next venue for the World Cup, and here we are representing our country. Cheers”.

Later he showed a new panorama in the preliminary moments to the opening match, and reported: “Qatar and Ecuador already on the field warming up for the first game of the Qatar 2022 World Cup (…)” The Qatar team already on the field training, warming up, and on the other side Ecuador already warming up to start the World Cup, the first game of the World Cup (…) Almost at 10 in the morning he commented on Twitter: “Already in the national anthems of Ecuador and Qatar.”

Despite the profuse production of images and videos by Ebrard, it was one of the videos shared by the Secretary of Foreign Relations that captured the greatest interest from the audience, in which he appears in the foreground, panning the Alta stadium. -Bayt in Doha, where the opening ceremony was taking place, with short videos, and comments: “Thinking about the ceremony that we will have to do in 2026 at the inauguration in Mexico.”

Although then something strange happened: it appeared as deleted for a few minutes and then returned.

And it is that he received abundant responses. For example, the journalist Ricardo Alemán did not miss the tweet, and shared it with the comment: “Another one who lives in the clouds! What happens in the government of López Obrador is already an epidemic! They urgently require a return to reality!”

@CaroEscer told him. “Hey Ebrard, he won’t be president, you’re going to end up in jail and from there you’re going to have a lot to think about.”

User @SyrPonFyDM commented: “Don’t worry Marce. You will be behind bars, so that you feel relief from not taking on that responsibility, you enjoy (while you can) ”, and she used the hashtag # Linea12Noseolvida.

Among a very wide stream of responses.


Ebrard’s pull-ups.


A very different mood from economist Gerardo Esquivel, a failed letter to the IDB. In fact, different newspapers considered that it was a failure of AMLO.

The financial, for example, headlined: “Defeat for AMLO: Gerardo Esquivel loses vote for IDB presidency.” And for the style. Different publications highlighted that it was an election by a large majority for the Brazilian Ilan Goldfajn.

Esquivel commented on his networks, with a very different spirit from that of Ebrard in Qatar: “The Assembly of Governors of the IDB convened to elect the next president of the institution has just finished. The candidate of Brazil, Ilan Goldfajn, has been elected, to whom I wish much success in his administration.

“I have the pleasure of knowing Ilan since our days as graduate students at Cambridge. and I know that he is an excellent person, with a great technical background and extensive experience, which will allow him to have a good performance (…).


The statement from the Treasury: bad loser.

I thank the Government of Mexico for having honored me by proposing me as a candidate for the presidency of the IDB. I also acknowledge the support of the officials of Mrs. Treasury, the Foreign Ministry and the different representations of Mexico in Washington”.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Finance He did not show such a sporting spirit in defeat: “We regret that in the IDB elections the policy of more of the same continues. The proposal of the Brazilian government was chosen, supported by that of the United States,” he published in a brief statement.



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While Ebrard plans the 2026 World Cup, Mexico falls to Brazil… at the IDB