Time of semifinals ai Women’s World Cup 2022. On the one hand, Serbia and the United States will create a challenge in which the talent of Tijana Boskovic is that of Andrea Drews they could make a difference. The Serbian national team coach Daniele Santarelli however, he arrives at the penultimate world championship act with the evident tiredness deriving from success 3-2 on the Polandobtained after an incredible match dominated by Magdalena Stysiak (40 points)but won by the same Boskovic (36). The one trained by the legendary Karch Kiraly instead it has easily imposed itself (3-0) on a Turkey never continues in this World Cup and will be able to have a little more freshness on his side, an aspect that should not be underestimated in such a fast-paced competition.
Across the board, Italy and Brazil they meet again after success of the verdeoro at the tie-break (17-15) in the second phase and, for many, it is an early final. The history of this rivalry speaks of an evident Brazilian domination, given that up twenty-eight precedents FIVB Italvolley has it won only 6including the one he was giving away gold medal at the last Volleyball Nations League. Bookmakers see the Clearly favored blueso much so that Brazil gets to pay three and a half times the post, but there is none nothing more wrong. Without wanting to disrespect those professionals, there is no such wide difference between these two national teams or, at least, there is currently no. There National it is undoubtedly that team can potentially dominate against any opponent, thanks to several key elements of their roster, but the Brazil of coach Zé Roberto remains very strong teameven if in the midst of a generational change.

Danesi: “Italvolley spot for Volleyball. We are a united group”

Women’s World Cup

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Gabi is the brightest star

For mini-volleyball teachers, Gabi Guimaraes is an inexhaustible source of example. The 1994-born spiker boasts a incredible mastery from any fundamental and, so far in this World Cup, it has simply been devastating. 174 points (8 aces), with 48% of excellence in attack, great held in reception – in the quarter-final against Japan, won with an epic comeback from 0-2, he ran with 59% positivity – attention also to the block and effectiveness from nine meters. Against the Azzurre, in the aforementioned precedent in this world championship tournament, he had put on the scoresheet 30 points and dominated by both place 4 and inpipe attack, often resulting unstoppable even by the competent wall of the Azzurre. Coach Zé Roberto knows well that his number ten is not only the captain of this Brazil, but it personifies also the hardest and most combative soul: aspect, this, which allows the verdeoro to almost always come out of the swamps of a challenge in which they are unable to play their classic volleyball, thus compensating with thatemotional aspect in which Italy, at least in this competition, has not yet given its best. In view of the semi-final, keep Gabi busy in reception and better reading their trajectories in attack is an essential key to being successful, also because in several matches the star of this Brazil has compensated with crystalline class to the performance of various teammates, first of all the holders of place 2, Kisy And Tainara.

Bosetti: “Italy has grown a lot, now the group counts more than anything”

Central factor: Carol plays another sport

When Brazil plays, in every timeout of the opposing coaches you will always hear this sentence: “Don’t forget, not about Carol!“. The reference is to the direction of diagonal when the Brazilian central is on the front line – and therefore can go to block – to prevent the ball from returning to his own half at double speed. In these World Cups, Ana Carolina boasts 47 point-walls and, with Anna Danesi (36), is indisputably the best in the role. In the fundamental at the net, the Brazilian does just another sport, taking advantage of an unparalleled elevation and an innate ability to know how to direct the rebound plane even when it is not composed between run-up and jump time. The problem, for the opponents, is that Carol also remains a ‘extra-luxury striker, much more than 48% of excellence that is holding in this tournament can tell. For the opponent’s block it means always having to choose carefully whether to opt for his 1st times or read about the evolution of the Brazilian lift, not a small detail for a fundamental that is performed in fractions of a second. Against her, the Italians will therefore have to do a lot of attention from place 4but also Danesi – so far unstoppable with the 1st half (62% of excellence in attack) except in the previous match with Brazil (7/17) – and Paola Egonu, although the latter is capable of touching unexplored heights even for a phenomenal central like the Brazilian, they will have to avoid playing with fire.

Chirichella: “There is great awareness, it won’t be like Tokyo 2020”

Dribbling inspiration: Macris-Roberta, what a couple!

Let it be clear from the outset: Alessia Orro is widely vying for the recognition of the best dribble in these 2022 World Cups. Having made this due, but necessary clarification, it is equally clear that pair of dribblers from Brazil remains of the highest level. Mácris Fernanda Silva Carneiro has a natural feeling with the Carol-Gabi duo and, although his opposites are struggling in this world championship, he has no difficulty even in unmark the place 2 from the opponent’s wall with the speed of thought – even before the hands – of a top player. Roberta Silva Ratzkeat 32 years of age, guarantees as much experience and is definitely at ease in fast game, an aspect not to be underestimated considering that, in the preceding to these World Championships, Caroline de Oliveira Saad Gattaz made the difference with this type of attack. Obviously, it will also depend on which pair of blue power plants will be. In the last two matches against China, Cristina Chirichella she watched for a muscle problem in her abdomen, while on the taraflex she went there Marina Lubian with alternating performance. The very young neo-Pantera from Conegliano in fact dominated the last round of the second phase, but paid some empty passes in attack when the Chinese block took the measures during the quarter-final.

Orro: “Fun is our secret. With Egonu, what a diagonal!”

Women’s World Cup

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Women’s World Cup

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