Videos | Couple in Brazil discovers a hidden camera in their Airbnb room

In the majority of opportunities in which people go out to travel for personal, work or recreational reasons, The hotel is the most used option when looking for a place to stay. However, the world of applications have taken a position in the tourism industry.

Airbnb is one of the most used accommodation applications in the world.this allows an owner to rent his property so that other people can use it as temporary accommodation.

A couple in Brazil decided to rent accommodation to go on vacation, however, they made a discovery that violated their right to privacy.

Ana Lucia Bezerra and Júlia Stoppa are a couple based in the municipality of Goiânia, Brazil, from where they booked accommodation through Airbnb in Rio de Janeiro. Everything was going according to plan, the 800-mile journey was carried out and then the rented place was reached.

But When settling in the chosen place, one of the tourists noticed something out of the ordinary, a circle nestled in the upper part of a wall which at first glance had no lighting or ventilation function.

Out of curiosity, they managed to get there with the help of a ladder, they took a flash photo of the glass and when they saw the photograph they saw a reflection back as if it were a camera lens. Reason why They decided to loosen the screws to find what was behind, there they found a camera, which pointed towards the couple’s double bed.

The fact was registered by Stoppa and Bezerra through their social networks, where they alerted their followers about what can happen in this type of accommodation.

Immediately they called the police to report the fact, they also made a formal claim to the Airbnb application. Local media managed to establish that the owner of the property is a foreign citizen, so the Brazilian couple asks that their case not go unpunished.

Until now It is not known how much intimate material the camera has captured since its installationlocal authorities announced an investigation into this fact.

condo for chihuahuas

A woman told on her Instagram account that his mom, who goes out of her way to love dogs, made a gated community for a community of Chihuahuas. The woman rightly says, at the beginning of the video, “the only one who beats me in my obsession with dogs is my mom.”

The images show a small condominium the size of the dogs, with several houses where each of the puppies “resides”.. It is called Villa Chihuahua and it is a small neighborhood where the houses are joined by white stone paths.

The entire area is fenced, each house is independent and of a different color, They have access to green areas and a fresh water fountain for the six “resident” dogs in the condominiumwhich is located within a farm and is completely fenced, so that the Chihuahua dogs do not have contact with the dogs that take care of the farm, which are much larger.

Each house has a dog mattress and a water dish. There are a total of six dogs that enjoy the “luxurious facilities”. At night you can see that each house is illuminated with its own light, all have secure doors and the condominium itself has striking lighting in the trees. The source from which the dogs drink water is a fountain that is turned on, and the Chihuahuas come to the site to drink the liquid.

Videos | Couple in Brazil discovers a hidden camera in their Airbnb room