(Video) “The coup in Brazil is causing big problems”: #False

A video was shared on Facebook that shows military tanks in the streets and it is assured that this is due to a coup in Brazil. Fast Check CL described the information as false, since the video dates from 2018. In addition, there has been no coup d’état after the elections in Brazil.

In case you have little time:

  • A video showing military tanks in the street was shared on Facebook and is claimed to show “the coup in Brazil.”
  • However, the information is false, the video dates from at least August 2018. Furthermore, there has been no recent coup in Brazil.

By Isidora Osorio

A Facebook post was posted video, with more than fifty thousand reproductions and a thousand likes, which shows several military tanks on the street. Along with this, it is ensured that “the coup d’etat in Brazil is causing big problems.”

However, there has been no recent coup in Brazil. Also, the video is old, dating from at least August 2018.

Video verified.

Video is from the year 2018

The first thing Fast Check CL did was a reverse search, through Google, with which it was possible to verify that the video had been in circulation since at least 2018.

Among the results, a video from YouTube, published on August 19, 2018 by the Brazilian Army, where it is mentioned that what the images show is a “mega armored convoy of the Brazilian army in Curitiba”.

Similarly, an article was found on the website National defensewhere the same video is shared and it is specified that “the great movement of armored vehicles observed in the last days of August refers to a reflection of the operation Atlantic (August 15-18)».

“In this operation, the EB simultaneously transported various armored units by rail, road and by boatwith the aim of improving its ability to mobilize and send units ready for combat, without the use of air resources, “he adds.

When searching for this information on the Brazilian Army website, a note which affirms that within the framework of Operation Atlántico, the motorized convoy traveled by road from the Ferroeste Cargo terminal to the city of Paranaguá (PR), passing through the municipalities of Guarapuava and Curitiba.


There is no record of a recent coup in Brazil

In the same way, Fast Check CL carried out a search to verify if a recent coup d’état has indeed been registered in Brazil, being able to verify that it has not.

When searching for “Brazil + coup d’état + elections”, in Spanish and Portuguese, no record was found to support the information being shared. It is only made explicit that Bolsonaro’s followers were asking for a coup, but, according to different Brazilian media (1,two,3) the Armed Forces ruled this out.

In fact, according to the Brazilian magazine, seethe “Army asked local governments for help to discourage Bolsonaristas who, at the gates of the barracks, appeal to their adherence to a coup d’état ».


Fast Check CL described the content as false, since the video that is shared dates from August 2018 in the framework of Operation Atlantic that sought to transport various armored units. Furthermore, there has been no coup following the recent elections in Brazil.


(Video) “The coup in Brazil is causing big problems”: #False