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The election of the Brazilian president this Sunday is causing great tension in Brazil. On Saturday, the tension rose to the point that a deputy from Bolsonaro’s party pointed her gun at a man in the middle of the street in São Paulo.

The scene has been shared and relayed abundantly since Saturday, October 29 on Brazilian social networks and media. MP Carla Zambelli, a member of the same party as Jair Bolsonaro, is filmed gun in hand robbing a man in the middle of the street in São Paulo.

Saturday, October 29, in broad daylight, the first videos fall. We see MP Carla Zambelli near a car, surrounded by men. She tries to catch a black, heavyset man, before falling and getting up to run after him with two other men, one of whom is armed. On this first video which seems to show the origin of the dispute, we do not see the deputy with a weapon. On the other hand, on a second video, she crosses a pedestrian crossing, gun in hand, before entering a business, certainly a snack bar, to meet the black man from the first video, whom she seems rob. According to Brazilian media, she shot in the air.


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Fascist MP Carla Zambelli points a loaded gun at an opponent in the middle of the street in São Paulo. The face of hate. Tomorrow’s vote is for all of you 1️⃣3️⃣

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Several versions circulating

Following the broadcast of these images, Carla Zembelli explained her afternoon to the Brazilian media. In an interview with Fohla, she says: “I was having lunch with my son at the bar, a man started insulting me and saying that Lula would win. I have federal possession of weapons, which I even showed so that he would stop. ” Shortly after the altercation, she posted a video on her Instagram page. “I was attacked earlier, they pushed me to the ground. There were several of them. They used a black man to come to me,” she explains.

For his part, the man pointed by the deputy defends himself. He did not hit the MP, he says in the videos that are circulating. The two versions remain very contradictory and vague.

Carrying a gun is illegal on the eve of an election

The pro-gun MP was not allowed to carry a gun. As the newspaper Folha tells us, a resolution of the Superior Electoral Court, adopted in September, prohibits the carrying of a firearm and ammunition by collectors, sport shooters and hunters, in the 24 hours preceding the voting day and said day. Gold, the presidential election that will bring Lula or Bolsonaro to power takes place this Sunday, October 30.

The deputy, pro weapon, affirmed in front of the journalists present in front of the restaurant, to have voluntarily taken her weapon knowingly. “It is not a law, the resolution is illegal and illegal orders are not carried out. I knowingly ignored the resolution, and I will continue to ignore the resolution,” she said.

VIDEO. Mind-boggling scene in Brazil where a fascist MP pulls out her gun and chases a man in the middle of the street