Video captured terrible run over of protesters who blocked the roads of Brazil

The roads in different cities from Brazil They were blocked since last Monday by thousands of citizens who support Jair Bolsonaro and reject the result of the recent elections where Lula da Silva took the jobwhich has caused terrible chaos.

Through social networks, the video of a motorist who wanted to pass through one of the affected roads, and after the impediment, circulated. decided to run over those present in order to cross its wall of citizen resistance, leaving multiple wounded, including two girls 11 and 12 years old. For its part, the Sao Paulo Security Secretariat reported that two of his agents were also run over.

According to local media, the events took place on the Washington Luís highway in the city of Mirasol. The driver injured at least 10 people who protested legally in the streetsand meters later it stopped completely for no apparent reason.

The police decided to arrest the driver. Credit: Twitter / @amg9847

This caused multiple people to surround the car and start screaming. intense claims against the driver. Because of this, The Military Police arrived immediately. who they placed the attacker under arrest and began with the corresponding inquiries to decide their legal situation.

The federal highway police (PRF) reported just over 100 total cuts or partial that affected 12 states of Brazil, in a balance published on Wednesday night. Until now 776 demonstrations were dispersed, depending on that force. The number has gradually decreased since the police began use force with the endorsement of the Federal Supreme Courtwhich ordered the use of “all necessary measures” to unblock roads.

Bolsonaro asks to remove blockades

Truckers and other protesters staged from Sunday hundreds of blockades across the countrywhich caused problems of displacement and transport of goods. Thousands of Bolsonaristas gathered this Wednesday in front of the barracks of the main cities of Brazil to ask for a military intervention against the defeat of their leader in Sunday’s ballot.

Bolsonaro asked his supporters to stop blocking roads. Credit: AFP

Due to the above, the outgoing president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, asked his followers on Wednesday unblock the roadsbut supported the protests in other places that have multiplied in the country against the victory at the polls of the leftist Lula da Silva.

“I want to appeal to you: unblock the roads. That does not seem to me to be part of legitimate demonstrations (…) Other demonstrations that are taking place throughout Brazil, in squares… are part of the democratic game. Make yourself comfortable (…) protest in another wayin other places, that is very welcome,” Bolsonaro said in a video posted on Twitter.


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Video captured terrible run over of protesters who blocked the roads of Brazil