Verstappen: ‘Offenses and threats after Interlagos’. Red Bull press release

Max’s overtaking of Perez in Brazil, the decision not to give the position to his teammate and the rumors of tense relations with the Mexican have unleashed hatred on social media. The world champion in the conference at Yas Marina: “I portrayed myself as the bad guy, but the most serious thing is that they attacked and threatened my family. I work for the team and we cleared up with Checo, I’ll help him in the race”. The team: “Everything that was said to Max, Sergio and us after Interlagos is unacceptable”


Controversies and poisons after the race in Brazil. Overtaking the already champion Verstappen to his teammate Perez, fighting for 2nd place in the championship with Leclerc, degenerated into a series of despicable acts that both the Dutch driver and Red Bull strongly denounced. “The sorpsao for sixth place in Brazil wasn’t something for the standings, but it was about something that happened during the season,” Verstappen said at a press conference in Abu Dhabi. Then we talked and clarified, also and that conversation we should have done earlier with the team. I’ve never been a bad teammate, but we understood that we have to communicate better. I’ve been portrayed as the bad guy by the media, but they don’t know how much I work for the team. The worst thing is that they attacked and threatened my family after the race in Brazil. If you have a problem with me ok, but leave my family alone. I have an excellent relationship with Checo and maybe one day all the facts will be known. But I don’t understand the attacks on me and the family. So many things written have been ridiculous“.

“Ready to Help Perez”

“There are things that didn’t go well in Brazil – explained Max – We understood some of them while we have enough time for others before returning to racing there. Perez’s second place? Yes, I’m ready to help him and I don’t see the ‘now that there is this battle”.

“Verstappen man-loyal team, unacceptable insults”

“The team has committed some mistakes in Brazil. We had not foreseen the situation that occurred on the last lap and we had not agreed on a strategy for such a scenario before the race,” reads the opening lines of a statement issued by Red Bull. “Unfortunately, Max was informed only at the last corner of the request to cede the position without being sent all the necessary information. This put Max, who has always been an open and loyal team player, in a difficult situation with little time to react, which was not our intention.”

The clarification between Vettel and Perez: “It will remain private”

“After the grand prix Verstappen spoke openly and honestly, allowing both drivers to resolve pending problems or tensions. The team accepts Max’s reasons, the conversation was a personal matter that will remain private and there will be no further comments“.

“How much poison, but we are only here for sport”

“The things that happened next on the social media they are completely unacceptable. The offensive behavior towards Max, Checo, the team and their respective families is shocking and sad – continues the Red Bull press release – and it is something that we as a sport must face with depressing regularity. There is no place for this in racing or in society as a whole and we need to improve this situation. This is a sport, we are here to race. Death threats, hate mail, poisoning family members are deplorable. We value inclusion and want a safe place for everyone to work and enjoy our sport. Enough of the abuses“.

Verstappen: ‘Offenses and threats after Interlagos’. Red Bull press release