They confuse the flag of a Brazilian state with that of LGTBI in Qatar and the conflict goes viral

Just a few days after the start of the Qatar World Cupthe most anticipated sporting event of the year is giving a lot to talk about in the strict restrictions of the arab emirate: alcohol, drugs, public displays of affection, public image sharing, clothing that is too short, and much more.

LGTBI restriction. But without a doubt, one of the restrictions that has given the most talk has been the prohibition of any flag that has to do with the LGTBI collective: no object can carry anything that contains the iconic rainbow.

The LGTBI flag is prohibited in the World Cup in Qatar

Third parties

The conflict. A restriction that has been the protagonist of the latest viral video circulating on social networks: a Brazilian journalist has had a conflict with some police officers who have confused the flag of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco with that of the LGTBI collective.

This was denounced by the journalist Víctor Pereira through Twitter, showing how they took away the Pernambuco flag, which has a tricolor rainbow (red, yellow and green), trampled on it and forced him to delete the images he had taken of it with your mobile phone.

“They came after the girls thinking it was an LGBT flag, but in reality it’s just the Pernambuco flag,” shares the journalist on his Twitter account, assuring that they took his mobile phone and made him delete the recording he had made. Luckily, other passersby who were nearby recorded the incident to later share what happened on social networks.

top comments. An event that has not taken long to go viral on the networks with more than half a million visits and all kinds of comments about it: the majority sending messages of encouragement to the journalist, criticizing the police action and the lack of freedom of expression. “Different cultures are respected, but when the world is invited, attendees must be welcomed”, “If they are hosting a world event and are not required to have the minimum of civility and education? I don’t think that’s what they promised. And I say one, a flag wouldn’t affect the ‘manhood’ of Qatari males (I think)”, “It’s literally the flag of my state there, the guys just took the flag of the state they came from”, or “Journalist Víctor Pereira he was confronted, attacked and had his phone taken away to delete a video after authorities and people in Qatar mistook the Pernambuco state flag for the LGBT flag. Is this the inclusion that was guaranteed?”, have been some of the reactions.

The journalist claims to have experienced a moment of great tension

statements. Meanwhile, Víctor Pereira in conversation with ESPN He assures that “They held a ceremony to say that everyone would be welcome and well received here in Qatar and we are not. Look what has happened. There have been moments of great tension, he was extremely nervous ”, while he adds: “In Pernambuco we are very passionate. For me, stepping on the flag of my state is an offense. I will never accept it “.

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They confuse the flag of a Brazilian state with that of LGTBI in Qatar and the conflict goes viral