The Xunta de Galicia shares its experience in Public Procurement of Innovation in Brazil with experts from 17 nationalities

The director of the Galician Agency for Innovation (Gain), Patricia Argerey, accompanied by the technical secretary general of the Ministry of Health, Alberto Fuentes Losada, participated this morning in the institutional opening of the IV Ibero-American Forum on Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) and Open Innovation that is being held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) until Friday and that brings together more than 300 attendees from seventeen nationalities.

In his speech, Argerey highlighted the importance of this event to value the role that Public Administrations play in promoting innovation, through incentives such as the Public Purchase of Innovation, and underlined the example of Galicia as a benchmark at State and European in the use of this instrument of public contracting.

The director of the Galician Innovation Agency emphasized the vision shared with Latin American countries on the importance of innovation for economic growth and social welfare, and pointed out that Galicia has carried out projects amounting to more than 300 million euros for just over a decade, and that, in the period 2007-2013, it executed 40% of all the Public Procurement of Innovation contracted in Spain. In addition, he cited other actions launched by the Xunta de Galicia within the framework of the program to promote the Public Procurement of Innovation such as the Award for Innovative Public Employees, the training aimed at public employees or the promotion of this Forum that was held in Galicia its first edition in 2018.

Among the advantages of this instrument for the Administration, Argerey pointed out the possibility of launching very relevant projects in the field of health and in the segment of unmanned systems -which will be presented at this Forum-, of finding innovative solutions to the needs of the Public Administrations, to provide more efficient public services to citizens while encouraging business innovation and promoting open innovation or collaborative innovation.

Argerey reiterated the Galician executive’s commitment to this tool and pointed out that proof of this is the extensive representation of Galicia in this Forum, in which representatives of the General Legal Department of the Xunta de Galicia, the Galician Health Service, the the University of Santiago de Compostela and the company Bahía Software.

The technical general secretary of the Ministry of Health, Alberto Fuentes Losada, discussed the keys to making a good purchase in the field of innovation, highlighting the importance of perfectly defining each of its phases. In addition, he also pointed out the different plans that the Ministry of Health has already developed in this area, such as the H2050 Plan for health innovation, Innovasaude; Code 100 and the current Innovatrail.

During his speech, Fuentes Losada highlighted the great social impact that Innovative Public Procurement has and the fact of implementing it from a global and integrating vision in the system, betting on the empowerment of SMEs and the transfer of knowledge between sectors.

The Xunta de Galicia shares its experience in Public Procurement of Innovation in Brazil with experts from 17 nationalities