The world believes that Brazil will be world champion in Qatar: Ipsos

The world believes that Brazil will win the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, according to an Ipsos survey, French survey and market research company.

“Who will win the World Cup? It shows us that, on average of the 34 countries surveyed, more than 2 out of 10 (or 21%) respond that they believe that Brazil will win the Cup”, reveals the study “Attitudes towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar”, made by Ipsos in 34 countries around the world.

The survey, which analyzes what people think and feel about the FIFA competition, says that Germany was considered by the world as the second team to take the championship in the Arab country and in third place was Argentina.

France appears as fourth favorite, Spain is in fifth position and England is in sixth place. Mexico is not considered to be champion or runner-up in the World Cup in Qatar, according to the survey that showed results and expectations about the passion for soccer, the percentage of people who will follow it, how they will do it and with whom they will share the experience.

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Of the six countries whose national team is the most anticipated to win the trophy, Argentina shows the highest “patriotic optimism”, as 73% of Argentines believe they will be world champions. They are followed by Brazil, with 66% of its citizens who believe that they will win the Qatar trophy, followed by Spain, with 31%; France, with 27%; with Germany, with 23%, and England, with 19%.

At least 55% of the people surveyed plan to watch the World Cup. A high percentage of Mexicans, 69%, responded that they plan to watch the tournament.

The intention to see this event exceeds 75% in the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Brazil and India. Meanwhile, the least interested countries are Japan, Canada and the United States, where only 20% declared themselves to be soccer fans.

In Mexico, 43% of those surveyed said they follow soccer and are a passionate fan of this sport.

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Where will they see the World Cup?

Televisions continue to be the most used devices to watch the World Cup: more than half (54%) of the Mexicans surveyed will follow it on television. Worldwide, the percentage is similar (55%).

One in five people intend to watch matches on the internet (20%), while 15% will follow them on mobile phones. Meanwhile, 29% of those surveyed globally responded that they are not interested in being aware of the World Cup.

In general, 8 out of 10 people who plan to watch some part of the World Cup say that they will surely watch the games with friends and/or family.

In Mexico, 89% said they would follow the event with friends and/or family, 65% with coworkers, and 62% plan to watch a game in a bar or restaurant.

Regarding missing work or school to follow a World Cup match, 28% of the Mexicans surveyed answered that they would miss their commitments. Globally, one in three people answered the same thing.

One in two Mexicans (51%) hopes to buy a World Cup-themed product. Chinese, Indonesian and Indian are the most likely to do so, despite the fact that their national teams will not participate. Interest in World Cup merchandise is lower in Japan, Israel and Hungary.

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The world believes that Brazil will be world champion in Qatar: Ipsos