The Seleçao rebels: no more kicking Neymar. The group is already over for him, he could return to the round of 16

DOHA — No more kicking the tightrope walkers Select. The Brazilian media campaign has begun from the most eye-catching episode and the most famous footballer, but now it can extend to the other dribbling virtuosos, who have always abounded in the team. Hands off for now Neymaror rather put your feet down, precisely in the sense of the kicks that immediately put the champion out of action: with 9 fouls suffered in the 79 minutes he was on the pitch he was the most targeted player by opponents in the first round of the tournament. But, if he has undoubtedly monopolized the rough attentions of his opponents (the Serbs committed a total of 12 fouls, three quarters of which reserved for O’ Ney), the fear emerges that from now on it could also happen to the other forwards of the team from Tite.

Tite’s plan to get his round of 16 champion back

The coach noted with satisfaction that the team no longer depends on its most famous champion. But the system with the offensive quadrilateral worked above all thanks to the number 10 and Tite doesn’t even want to think that his World Cup is over without even having started or almost: he can’t imagine having to do without those who make the comparison less blasphemous for now between the Ronaldo-Ronaldinho-Rivaldo trio of victory in 2002 and the one formed by Neymar and from Richardson And Viniciuscurrent emulators of the illustrious predecessors, who look with apprehension at the injury of O’Ney. Ronaldo the Phenomenon, blocked by Covid in a Doha hotel, saw the match with the Serbia and he relived the attacks on his ankles when he played. The recovery plan for the injured person is this after the diagnosis of “lateral ligament injury” of the right ankle. Selecao doctor Rodrigo Lasmar said that Neymar “won’t be available for the next two matches, but he is working with the aim of being recovered for the rest of the World Cup.” With Rodrygo titular in the next two races, the goal is put Neymar back on the field on December 5 in the round of 16 of the winner of group G (or on December 6, in case of second place). So he would have 11 or 12 days for full recovery.


Richarlison and the pigeon dance

Certainly, at the moment, there is the state of exaltation of Brazil understood as the whole country, because when there is the World Cup or the America’s Cup it is obviously the whole country from Manaus to Porto Alegre that is raving about football: rages Oh Pombothe dance of the pigeon which Richardson stages to celebrate his goals. However, the accident that happened to Neymar reminded him of the chain of injuries and in particular the fragility of his ankles. In June 2019 he missed the America’s Cup because he hurt his right ankle with partial rupture of ligaments (and precisely against Qatar, in a friendly), while a year ago the problem had been a serious sprained left ankle, in the match against the Saint Etienne with the Qatari PSG shirt, which therefore now joins the general apprehension. It’s not just Neymar’s precious joints, specifically targeted by the late intervention of Milenkovic and in 2019 by the Qatari Assim Madibo, whom the Seleçao is concerned about. The same hero of the 2-0 win over Serbia, Richardsonas well as confirming that the prowess of his second goal against Serbia is a completely natural gesture for him (videos of an identical shot in a practice match in the recent Turin training camp of the Seleçao are going wild on the web), he said he feared until the lastly, he was unable to participate in the World Cup due to a calf injury which cost him almost a month’s absence in Tottenham di Conte, between October and the beginning of November: also the fault of the many hits he takes in the game.



And Viniciuswho had just arrived in Qatar, revealed that he too was afraid of not being able to go to Doha due to the kicks of the opponents: the attacker of real Madrid he is the player who has suffered the most fouls in the Spanish Liga, 10 times more than the second in the uncomfortable ranking (Unal del Getafe), and he theorized why: “The opponents can’t catch us and go too far. With me and with Rodrygo they exaggerate”.

Thiago Silva against Stojkovic: “He disrespected us”

The topic is hot and the increasingly high speed of current football or the technical characteristics of Brazilian footballers, inclined to keep the ball more than anyone, are not enough to reassure Seleçao fans. As the debate begins, Capt Thiago Silva meanwhile he has opened another one, not too collateral. In open controversy with the coach of Serbia Stojkovicunderlined that there is an elegant way of being a defender: his and that of his Seleçao team-mates: “Their coach disrespected us when he said that Brazil has four forwards and no defence. Marquinhosmostly Casemiro, we have a story. We don’t come from nowhere. He has to be more careful when he uses words. Ours is a defensive system that works very well”. The warning applies to everyone: the Seleçao want to win the World Cup and there is no kick that holds.

The Seleçao rebels: no more kicking Neymar. The group is already over for him, he could return to the round of 16