“The only good PT player is the dead PT player”: hate speech spreads in Brazilian schools

One week after the victory Luiz Lula da Silva in the presidential elections, the crack that divides Brazil spread to the educational system. The authorities are concerned about the growth of hate messages from followers of Jair Bolsonaro at colleges and high schools across the country.

In a São Paulo school, eight students were expelled for sharing discriminatory messages against Lula supporters with a photo of Hitler. “The only good petista is the dead petista”, was one of the texts disclosed in WhatsApp groups.

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The message was sent by a student from the Visconde de Porto Seguro Foundation, in the interior of São Paulo, the newspaper reported. OGlobe, whom Bolsonaro has often lambasted since the beginning of his term.

The hate message with a photo of Hitler that caused the expulsion of eight students

One of the students of that São Paulo school shared a hate message with a photo of Hitler and sparked an investigation of the school. After stating that the “good PTist is the dead PTist”, he shared a photo of Hitler on his Instagram account with the message: “If he did it with the Jews, I do it with the PTists”.

Other messages posted on a WhatsApp group account of students at the school contained similar hateful messages: “I want those Northeasterners (Lula’s electoral stronghold) to die of thirst” or “Pro-enslavement Foundation of the Northeast.”

Protest of Bolsonaro truckers shook Brazil (Photo: Reuters)

The school repudiated the hate messages and announced the expulsion of eight students.

Intolerance spreads through schools throughout Brazil

The newspaper OGlobe listed several similar cases that occurred in various schools across the country.

Teenagers from the Brazilian Israelite School in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, made a TikTok live with messages of hate towards the Northeastern population, whom they blame for Lula’s victory.

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One of the students stated: Lula’s victory “doesn’t change anything in my life. That her poor homeless mother does not come to complain to my father because he kicked her out”. Another student alluded to the 600 reais from the social plan known as Auxilio Brasil stating: “We wipe our asses with 600 reais. That’s why we leave them to you.”

The school released a statement saying: “Hate speech will not be tolerated. The corresponding sanctions will be applied”.

They attacked a student in Mato Grosso do Sul

At the Don Bosco Catholic University, in the city of Campo Grande, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, fears are growing of a violent confrontation between followers of Lula and Bolsonaro.

Some 70 students protested the result of the elections shouting “Lula, thief, his place is prison” and prevented the start of classes last Monday. A score of Lula’s supporters came out to respond with the slogan “Hey, Bolsonaro, go to hell”.

Hate speech is on the rise
Hate speech is on the rise

The Bolsonaristas, according to OGlobe, carried a Brazilian flag and another linked to a far-right movement that a Lula supporter tried to snatch. Then was pushed and beaten by Bolsonaro militants. In addition, cars with stickers in favor of the PT were damaged.

I’m scared”, said the attacked student. As she said, Lula supporters are afraid to walk alone on campus.

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The examples extend to various schools, especially in the south of the country, the great stronghold of Bolsonaro. A student from the Santa María de Curitiba Marist School published a photo with a swastika painted with ketchup.

Meanwhile, a racist short net letter was disclosed by students of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, in Florianopolis. The text stated that “gays, blacks, feminist women, fat and yellow will be destroyed”.

“The only good PT player is the dead PT player”: hate speech spreads in Brazilian schools