The networks in Brazil are saturated with hoaxes

Brazilian electoral marketing uses all possibilities to influence in favor of Jair Bolsonaro or Lula da Silva. Photo: EFE

a tide of falsehoods Y theories of conspiracy floods the social networks of the brazilians in all the elections for more than five years. And the avalanche of hoaxes has returned facing the presidential second round this Sunday, October 30, 2022.

The issue is a concern Brazil because the count is expected to be tight and any vote could count towards the victory in the urns. The former leftist president Lula da Silva leads all surveysbut with just 4.6 points of average advantage, in the accumulated polls, with respect to the current president, the far-right Jair Bolsonarowhich usually finally obtains more real support than that granted by the previous investigations, and thus any assertion can have an influence.

deliberate attack

For this reason, Internet hoax factories are working at full speed these days. And there are several lies circulating these days in the brazilian social networks.

On the one hand, from the Bolsonarism it is ensured that Lula going to close the churches evangelicalsomething that the leftist candidate has denied on innumerable occasions, alleging, moreover, that the freedom of worship that exists today in Brazil expanded with laws approved during his Government. The news, in any case, has created stupor in the religious circles and debates about it in the street are common.

Also circulating with special virulence are messages denouncing that there could be electoral fraud against Bolsonaro because the system electronic voting used in Brazil it is not reliable, when in 25 years of operation no one has been able to prove that the system has worked irregularly.

And the same President has cast doubt on the voting machines on dozens of occasions, even calling, in 2021, a press conference to demonstrate the fraud in which, far from evidence, he presented arguments that bordered on the conspiratorial.

The counter attack

Bolsonaromeanwhile, has also been accused of Satanic after leaking videos in which he appeared in masonic meetingsand has even had to defend itself against accusations of cannibalism.

The avalanche is such that the Justice has been taking more and more measures to tackle the problem. The judges of supreme court and the electoral Tribunal They established a few days ago that advertising for the elections ends this Saturday, October 29, and that the social networks must remove the internet hoaxes in less than two hours, under threat of heavy fines.

The magistrates have demanded these days to Bolsonarism to remove the news that associates Lula with the repression of the religious in Nicaraguawith the possible closing of evangelical churches and with the rise of coronavirus.

The Supreme has also demanded Lula’s entourage, in the same way, withdraw the news that links the sons of Bolsonaro with presumed corruption and to President with the cannibalism.

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The networks in Brazil are saturated with hoaxes