The cheapest ticket from Misiones to Brazil starts at 15 thousand pesos

Since the month of December, three missionary companies resume service to the beaches of Santa Catarina, Brazil, or add exits to the existing onesfor the 2023 summer season; and the minimum cost of the ticket is 15 thousand pesos per section, to go from Misiones to the neighboring country.

Inflation, the price of the dollar, the price of fuel, the increase in taxes, parities, are some of the factors that end up influencing the final value of bus tickets.which represents one of the main costs when planning the long-awaited vacations on the beaches of Brazil.

As reported by a missionary media, travel in December to the Camboriú Spa, for instance, it will cost around 30 thousand pesos per person, round tripbut warned that since January, the cost can reach 40 thousand pesos.

The firms warn that the tickets can go up to 40 thousand pesos, in January 2023.

There are three transport companies that, for several years, have connected Posadas with the seaside resorts of Santa Catarina such as Camboriú, Meia Praia and Florianópolis.

These They also include those of Rio Grande do Sul, such as Porto Alegre, Tramandaí, Capao da Canoa and Torres, among others that, during the summer, they deploy a daily service, attending, above all, to the demand of the missionaries but also of neighboring provinces such as Chaco and Corrientes.

A worker from one of these firms stationed at the Posadas Terminal that will enable the section to Camboriú from December indicated that consultations on these trips began several weeks ago and “They have been intensifying in recent days.”

“People are looking at the extra-long holiday of the first week of December on the horizon, which invites you to travel to the beaches of Brazil where at that point the climate is already very similar to that of summer and the prices, as it is still low season They are more accessible”he explained.

For his part, the Brazilian company Reunidas, during the year has departures on Sundays from Posadas to the Camboriú Spaservice in semi-bed car with departure at 10 am from the terminal, at a cost of 14,200 pesos; and confirmed three special departures for December 21, 25 and 28 also at that price.

Also That same group goes through Florianópolis and the value of the ticket is 15,250 pesos.

In this way, it was anticipated that for January of next year, The departures of this company will be on Wednesdays and Sundays through Santo Tomé, and Fridays through Irigoyenwith the current schedule, to which the sleeping car services will be added, at a cost of 18 thousand pesos to Camboriú; and 19,050 to Florianópoliyes, “everything only in one payment”.

In that sense, the return from Camboriú offered by Reunidas, It is always at 7:15 p.m. and they ensured that “That does not change no matter how many days are added to the offer during the summer.”

Some companies will add more departures and returns from December.

Secondly, the company Rio Uruguayalso final details for expand service to Brazilian beaches from December 5 thoughcurrently, They offer a weekly trip to Porto Alegre on Thursdays, which was maintained throughout the year and will continue into the summer.

For it, Daily departures to Camboriú, Itapema and Florianópolis will be enabled at a cost that starts at 15 thousand pesos per sectionthat is, 30 thousand round trip, “depending on which of those three destinations”.

In January, the price of the ticket to Camboriú would rise to 20 thousand pesos in the sleeping car service, always leaving at 3:00 p.m. from Posadas and returning at the same time.

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