The Brazilian players will talk to their fans via Whatsapp and Instagram: how the particular system will work

The Qatar World Cup 2022 It is the most particular in history. Because of the date, because of the headquarters in a country with little soccer culture and because some teams made decisions regarding communication. Brazilfor example, signed an agreement with Meta so that its players are in contact with the fans through WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

The players of Brazil will speak with their fans

The Brazilian Football Confederation reached an agreement with Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, a new idea will be implemented to bring footballers closer to their people.

From the leadership of the Brazilian national team they explained: “The unprecedented association offers fans of the sport and of the Brazilian National Team a new way of interacting with the team and with the mascot Canarinho through WhatsAppand to receive exclusive content on the CBF’s Instagram”.

How will the players talk to their fans?

There will be a WhatsApp contact that any fan can link to. Through it, the fans will follow the training sessions, the news and also the day-to-day life of their idols during the Qatar World Cup 2022. But not only that, but they will even receive answers from the players.

This official communication account is called ‘Canarinho’, which is the name of the mascot of the Brazil’s selection.

Fans will receive daily content, such as videos of the intimacy of the squad, training summaries, compiled with the best of each game, high-quality photos and more.

An algorithm will allow the bot that works on this WhatsApp account to respond according to the demand of the fans to answer each query.

There will also be an augmented reality filter with Instagram stories that can be shared with other contacts.

In the official statement, the Confederation added: “The association with Meta will broaden our connection with the fans. Every day millions of Brazilians use Meta applications to connect with what they like best. This association with the CBF shows the synergy of our brands with football”.

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The Brazilian players will talk to their fans via Whatsapp and Instagram: how the particular system will work