The blue evils, the confidence of Brazil, the strength of Argentina, the African surprise… All that awaits us in Qatar

Sunday at 5 p.m. (French time), Qatar and Ecuador will kick off the 22nd World Cup in history. While the various controversies (ecological aberration, non-respect of human rights, etc.) have occupied the news, it’s time to play.

32 countries, practically all the best players on the planet, a temperature that is almost as ideal as it is condemned, fresh players, nations ready to do battle… Finally, this World Cup in Qatar will not be on giant screens, but could well surprise in quality of play, in intensity. In surprise too, since the context is completely new.

If Brazil is the big favorite (see our article), anything can happen. Everything, because in Qatar, everything is new. Starting with the period, which will put all nations on an equal footing.

Evil or magnificent magic for the Blues?

Some even believe that African teams, which are more athletic, have a way of catching up with the technically above-average South American nations.

And France in all this? She will land in Qatar full of uncertainties. Concerns even, after a difficult end of summer and beginning of autumn. And the doubt that hangs over the state of form of the internationals. Some, like Ngolo Kanté, are already forfeited, others, like Paul Pogba are uncertain and could, in the best case, lack competition, while others (Lucas Hernandez, Kingsley Coman, Raphaël Varane, etc.) are weakened .

The advantage for these players, who have been arrested for varying lengths of time in recent weeks, is that they have had the opportunity to rest. Afterwards, you will have to find the right balance between physical condition and freshness.

Haaland, Mané and Salah will be missed

Unfortunately, we regret the absence of great players such as Erling Haaland, who was unable to qualify with Norway, Sadio Mané, forced to withdraw at the last moment, or Mohamed Salah, victim of too few representatives of African countries in the World Cup: 5 qualified out of 55 nations.

No Egypt therefore, finalist of the last CAN, no Algeria either, king of the African continent in 2019, but Ecuador, Iran and South Korea, they will be there… of course nothing against these countries, but it is the absence of the others that poses a problem.

The World Cup is approaching with its share of questions.

What magic will operate for our Blues? The evil one who says that since 2014, the world champions do not pass the first round, or the magnificent one of 1984 and 1998 who says that when the Blues are with Denmark in their pool, they win the competition? Deprived of Pogba, Kanté, Kimpembe and Nkunku, who had to forfeit, worried about Benzema, back from injury, the Blues are trying a huge challenge…

Is Cristiano Ronaldo going to be a drag on his team? Will Lionel Messi correct the biggest anomaly in football history by finally winning the World Cup? Can an African country reach at least one semi-final for the first time?


In these questions bathes our passion, so strong that nothing can stop it. Not the horrible working conditions of the workers who built the stadiums or the air conditioning units that are destroying our planet. Maybe there is a time for everything.

Without underestimating the many debates surrounding this World Cup, and without forgetting anything, today is the time to take an interest in the game.

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The blue evils, the confidence of Brazil, the strength of Argentina, the African surprise… All that awaits us in Qatar