The armored LAV 700 AG of GDLS, the main rival of the Centauro II in the 8×8 program in Brazil

General Dynamics Lan Systems (GDLS) wants to crash the party iveco with a view to choosing the future 8×8 wheeled battle tank of the Brazilian Army, whose outcome will take place at the end of this week. Despite the fact that the Centauro II, the armored CIO Consortium -owned by Iveco and Leonardo-, appears as a clear favorite to win the contract, the vehicle LAV 700 AGdeveloped by the Canadian subsidiary of GDLS, is a rival for care.

To participate in this tender, which provides for the delivery of 98 cars, the American company partnered with the Belgian firm john cockerillwhich will equip the armored vehicles with its 105 mm model 3105 tower, a caliber whose ammunition is cheaper, more versatile and with a greater offer on the market than the 120 mm ammunition offered by the competition.

The LAV 700 AG It is the youngest member of the family of light armored vehicles (LAV), designed based on the Piranha model of the Swiss company Mowag, acquired by GD in 2003. The vehicle, fully homologated, began development in 2013 and its main commercial milestone came in 2014 when Saudi Arabia acquired 742 units -119 of them equipped with 105 mm cannon-; which makes it possible to have an active production line, given that deliveries to the Near Eastern country will last until at least 2024. Another of the advantages that the GDLS vehicle has in its favor is that it can be acquired through a Government agreement to Government, such as the advantageous program of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) from United States.

Defense cockerill 3000 3105 1 1620x1080Turret John Cockerill 3105. Photo: John Cockerill


The LAV 700 AG features state-of-the-art digital command and control architecture, including status and usage monitoring systems. It is equipped with a Caterpillar C13, 711 HP engine, combined with an Allison 2800 seven-speed automatic transmission; It has a fully independent and adjustable hydropneumatic suspension, which allows the height of the double V hull in relation to the ground to be controlled by the driver; It features eight-wheel disc brakes and a cooling system designed for continuous operation in the most extreme climates.

The car can reach a speed of up to 110 km/h on the highway, accelerate from zero to 80 km/h in approximately 20 seconds and offers a range of more than 1,000 km. In addition, it is capable of supporting up to 32 tons of weight, it can cross trenches at 2.2 m and its payload is 11,000 kg.

The LAV 700 is equipped with state-of-the-art optronic systems capable of receiving laser designators, tactical GPS navigation, a battle computer, and 360-degree periscopes for day and night use, allowing the commander complete communication and situational awareness.

LAV 700

John Cockerill 3105 Turret

the turret John Cockerill 3105 With which the future VBC 8×8 of Brazil will be equipped, as long as the Army chooses the GDLS proposal, it is intrusive, but its internal basket does not impact the center of gravity of the vehicle, which allows it to maintain its stability. It requires two operators and is armed, in addition to a 105 mm cannon, with a 7.62×51 mm coaxial machine gun and smoke grenade launcher. It may also receive a remotely controlled weapons system (SARC), such as the Remax 4 developed by Brazilian firm Ares.

Its high pressure CT-CV 105HP rifled barrel is in use in various weapon systems around the world and has already been combat proven. Its 42° elevation angle makes it possible to engage targets at high elevations and makes it efficient in mountainous urban theaters.

In addition to those already mentioned, another advantage of the 105 mm caliber is related to its compatibility with the local industry. the signature imbel it already produces ammunition of this caliber, something that makes the total and immediate transfer of technology for production in Brazilian territory much more feasible and at a lower cost than producing 120mm ammunition from scratch in Brazil.

John Cockerill 3105 Turret

The armored LAV 700 AG of GDLS, the main rival of the Centauro II in the 8×8 program in Brazil