The Armed Forces condemned the blockades of Bolsonarist supporters

The commanders of the Navythe Army and the Air Force of Brazil released this Friday a note in which condemned the blockades carried out in some parts of the country by Bolsonarist sympathizers to question the electoral process of last October 30, in which he was proclaimed president-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The mobilizations began on November 1 -with wide media coverage-, on the main highways of the country and before Military Commands, where they demanded military intervention.

“The possible restrictions on rights by public agents and the excesses committed in demonstrations that may restrict individual and collective rights or put public safety at risk are reprehensible,” says the statement signed by the commanders of the Navy, the Army and the Air Force, Almir Garnier Santos, Marco Antonio Freire Gomes, Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior. The note is intended “to the institutions and the Brazilian people” and marks “the unrestricted and unwavering commitment” with the Brazilian people, with democracy and with the political and social harmony of Brazil.

When the blockades began, the international airport of Guarulhos was the center of attention due to the severe delays and cancellation of flights that it generated both for those who left the country and for those who returned. At that time, the lack of recognition of the electoral defeat by the president, Jair Bolsonaro, emboldened to his followers and caused them to travel to different parts of the country with acts in which Nazi gestures and songs were seen, collusion with highway police agents (who monitor the routes and highways) and who also support the demand for military intervention before what they considered an irregular electoral process.

“The solution to possible controversies within society must make use of the legal instruments of the democratic State of law”, They wrote and highlighted that, as an essential way to restore and maintain social peace, “it corresponds to the authorities of the Republic, instituted by the People, in exercise of the power that “From Him” ​​emanates, immediately attend to all legal demands. and legitimate rights of the population, as well as the strict observance of the attributions and limits of its attributions, in the terms of the Federal Constitution and the legislation”.

The commanders considered in their statement that the construction of the “True Democracy supposes the cult of tolerance, order and social peace”, to which they pointed out that the Armed Forces “remain vigilant, attentive and focused on their constitutional role of guaranteeing our Sovereignty, Order and Progress, always in defense of our People.” Along these lines, they assured that they transmitted “serenity” to their subordinates, as well as “confidence in the chain of command, cohesion and patriotism.”

This pronouncement came in the same week that the Ministry of Defence -of which they are a part- released an audit report requested by President Bolsonaro himself -who was seeking some support there-, in which no irregularities were pointed out, although an “urgent” inspection was requested.

The Armed Forces condemned the blockades of Bolsonarist supporters