Teamwork rewarded Alpine after “foolishness” in Brazil

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The pilot from Oviedo Alpine recovered from the disastrous test at the Interlagos sprintin which he collided with his teammate, Esteban Ocontwice in the first lap, ruining both races.

From their humble positions on the starting grid of the Sao Paulo Grand PrixAlonso prevailed in the race to secure fifth place, while Ocon finished three positions behind in eighth position.

The double score extended the team’s advantage over McLaren in the battle of the constructors’ championship to 19 points, with the final of the Abu Dhabi GP.

One of the keys to the performance was Ocon agreeing to let Alonso through after the safety car restarted, allowing the Spaniard to take advantage of his new tyres.

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“But I think what it shows the most is that when you play as a team, everyone wins. The drivers, when they score points, they get their points bonus, and the team wins too.”

“So it’s a team game, and we have to maximize points. And the drivers can do that by playing as a team, which is exactly what they did.”

szafnauer made it clear that the drivers had reacted positively after being briefed after crashing in the sprint race.

“Yes, you have to make them see that it is unacceptable to crash when you have more than 1,000 people between Enstone and Viry working tirelessly for us to finish fourth in the championship, bringing improvements, working on Saturdays, Sundays, making sure the car is as good as possible. competitive as possible, and the mechanics here as well”.

“And the nonsense on the track that you crash, you push your teammate, you don’t let him pass, especially when the championship is so close… I think the message has gotten through, and we’ve done a good job,” Szafnauer stressed. .

In Sunday’s race there was some tension on the radio when Ocon defied an instruction not to fight Alonso at the restart, insisting that he would first try to pass Sebastian Vetteland then he would let his teammate pass at the right time.

“What happened is that his engineer told him and he did not hear anything from Estebansaid szafnauer about the heated talk on the radio. “So he told him again. And that was just to make sure the radio transmission went through.

“So he told him twice. And that’s when Esteban told him: ‘I heard you the first time, but I have to fight against Vettel and [Valtteri] Bottas, and he was right to do it.”

“So if someone has a tire advantage, or if we’re in this situation, don’t fight each other, and waste as little time as possible letting your teammate pass.”

“That happened, that happened under a safety car, and I think that Esteban was absolutely right when he said that he was not going to do it directly. And he was right,” he said.

szafnauer He admitted that the sprint was not the first time there had been a turning point between Ocon and Alonso during their two years as teammates.

“To both [Alonso y Ocon] I remember them just as effectively. Yesterday [el domingo] I think it was especially painful because of our fight for fourth place and because there were only two races left.”

“After the pitstop, you probably didn’t see Fernando’s race, but we did. The lap times were very competitive. And we showed it again today, which is how the three-stop strategy was really born. Fernando kept asking that let him use some new soft compounds at the end. He was right.”

Looking towards Abu Dhabi and the battle with McLaren szafnauer He said: “The key for us in the next race is to finish both cars. And if we do that, with the pace we have, I’m sure we’ll finish fourth.”

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Teamwork rewarded Alpine after “foolishness” in Brazil