Surprise in Brazil: Bolsonaro soars in the polls

Bolsonaro, already considered a loser in the first round, actually flies in the polls. Hated like only Trump and Orban before him, he has nevertheless boosted the Brazilian economy and the population recognizes it. Lula seeks the Catholic vote, sweeping her LGBTI agenda under the rug. For now they are given almost par. More than … Read more

The blue evils, the confidence of Brazil, the strength of Argentina, the African surprise… All that awaits us in Qatar

Sunday at 5 p.m. (French time), Qatar and Ecuador will kick off the 22nd World Cup in history. While the various controversies (ecological aberration, non-respect of human rights, etc.) have occupied the news, it’s time to play. 32 countries, practically all the best players on the planet, a temperature that is almost as ideal as … Read more

Qatar 2022: Argentina, Brazil and France. What if the surprise was Portugal?


In the list of who can hope for the world title it seems complicated that Germany, England and Spain can aim for the highest place on the podium A few hours from Qatar 2022 we begin to evaluate the chances of the final victory of the greats of world football. Argentina, Brazil And France are … Read more

Surprise in Brazil: the economy grew more than expected and is heading for its best year in a long time


BRASILIA.- Brazil’s economy recovered more than expected in the second quarter, driven by consumer spending and a rebound in services, providing a tailwind for President Jair Bolsonaro in his search for re-election in the October 2 elections. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the largest economy in Latin America expanded 1.2% in the three months … Read more

Colombia and Mexico surprise, Brazil imposes its law at home and Venezuela strikes


This content was published on 03 September 2022 – 04:35 03 September 2022 – 04:35 Recife (Brazil), Sep 2 (EFE).- The teams of Uruguay and the United States suffered a severe blow at the beginning of the nineteenth edition of the Copa América basketball due to Colombia and Mexico, while Brazil reconciled with their fans … Read more