The Leonese ‘signed’ by the Brazilian team who lived a personal redemption with rugby as an ally

With a mixture of Leonese and Brazilian blood, it might seem that Diego Vidal Souza was predestined to play soccer. It was, however, his ‘slutty’ mentality that brought him closer to rugby to, incidentally, overcome some problems with depression and anxiety. With an oval ball under his arm, he has already had sports and personal … Read more

Argentina and Brazil signed an energy and gas exchange memorandum until 2025

President Alberto Fernández received at Casa Rosada the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royon and the Argentine ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioliwho signed for Argentina the update of the memorandum, with the Brazilian Vice Minister of Mines and Energy, Hailton Madureira de Almeida, as part of the negotiation. The memorandum arises as a result of three … Read more

Brazil signed an agreement to use WhatsApp in the World Cup


Just hours before the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup 2022many fans of the Argentine National Teamwho traveled and will travel to the Persian Gulf country in the coming days, feel that being able to have their smartphone equipment without restrictions is key. Going into an unknown place, in another culture, with a different … Read more