Disenchanted by Lula’s triumph, Brazilian farmers fear new taxes on the sector

Since the victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the presidential runoff held on the 30th of last month in Brazil, the agricultural producers of that country have been showing their disappointment at the defeat at the polls of Jair Bolsonaro and at the change of government that will take place on January 1st. … Read more

La Repregunta. Denis Mizne: “En Brasil, el sector empresario invierte en educación 800 millones de dólares”

>LA NACION>OpiniónOpinión “El aporte del sector empresario brasileño a la educación equivale al 4% del presupuesto del Ministerio de Educación de Brasil”, detalla. “No hay incentivos impositivos para que dones a una causa educativa que pueda mejorar el país. Hacerlo o no depende de la voluntad individual”, explica. “Apoyar al sistema público es la gran … Read more

Lula governs Brazil again and the telecommunications sector has already sent him its requests and recommendations

Lula returns to govern Brazil. On January 1, he will have to command the destinies of a country that, as is happening in the world, is too divided and, therefore, one of his first pronouncements was that he will govern for the entire country. While the analyzes continue without failing to review recent history, in … Read more

‘Lula’ / Bolsonaro: who is the Brazilian financial sector bidding for?


The day after the first round of the presidential elections in Brazil, the Sao Paulo stock market gained 5.54%. The financial markets, reinforced by the unexpected results of Jair Bolsonaro, the president-candidate with ultraliberal economic policies, have they chosen their candidate? Nothing is taken for granted. On the contrary, the narrower-than-expected spread could reassure markets … Read more

Equine sector seeks to reach Brazil, Mexico and Canada


The equine industry moves around $6 billion a year, contributes 0.67% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and one of the challenges this year is for Colombian horses to reach three more destinations: Brazil, Canada and Mexico. And it is that, according to the Colombian Federation of Equine Associations (Fedequinas), the business contributes to … Read more