World Cup in Qatar 2022, latest news | Brazil sweeps Korea and will face Croatia in the quarterfinals

update narration Just one more Quarter-Final fixture remains to be decided 👀 #FIFAWorldCup #Qatar2022 — FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup) December 5, 2022 💛💚 — FIFA World Cup 🏆 (@fifaworldcup_es) December 5, 2022 🫶🇧🇷 — FIFA World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup) December 5, 2022 oh#BRA He won his place … Read more

2022 World Cup in Qatar: Brazil, with Neymar back, corrects South Korea and will face Croatia in the quarter

the essential After the suspense which had lasted more than 120 minutes in the afternoon (qualification of the Croatian vice-world champions at the expense of the Japanese at the end of the penalty shootout: 1-1 ap, 1-3 tab ), there was no picture this Monday evening December 5 for the sixth disputed eighth which would … Read more

🔴 Brazil vs. South Korea, LIVE: minute by minute of the round of 16 match of the Qatar 2022 World Cup


The powerful Brazil faces South Korea, one of the great surprises of the tournament, for the round of 16 of the World Cup Qatar 2022. The South American team will have the return of neymarwho had missed the last two group stage matches due to a injury to one of his ankles. Also read: A … Read more

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Croatia in the quarterfinals. Brazil vs South Korea tonight


To the World Cup in Qatar it’s the turn of the Brazil. The green-and-gold face off at 20 la South Koreaa place in the quarterfinals is up for grabs. From 4pm on the pitch Croatia reigning vice-champion and the Japan (here LIVE). Calendar | billboard | Leaderboards | Markers | The special Key points 6:44 … Read more



Japan and South Korea they are perhaps the two largest surprises of the World Cup and we will see them on the field tomorrow, Monday 5 December, respectively against Croatia and Brazil in the round of 16. Much more balanced, at least on paper, the first of the two matches, scheduled for 4 pm, if … Read more

Will Qatar be the setting for the match between Argentina and Brazil?: This is the history of the two teams


The Qatar 2022 World Cup has left some unforgettable matches, as well as surprised by some unexpected results, far from the bets of thousands of spectators. However, one of the expectations that is growing among fans and soccer lovers is the possibility that Argentina and Brazil will meet in a duel to the death in … Read more

Adriano married and separated after 24 days: the unusual story linked to the Brazilian team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup that led to the breakup


The day Adriano and Micaela got married Former Brazilian striker Hadrian It is usually noted for its eccentricities and stories from the heart that steal the attention on the portals of their country and then bounce around the world. In this case, she was in the news again due to her separation 24 days after … Read more