Cali and Brazil one heart, thanks to the internationalization of the Petronio Álvarez Festival

A cultural and artistic offer impregnated with the flavor of the Colombian Pacific will arrive in São Paulo, Brazil, to represent Cali in various scenarios of cultural exchange, Afro twinning and academic meeting, to be held from December 3 to 11 in the Rio de Janeiro country. The strategy Cali-Brazil, one heart keeps the culture … Read more

In Brazil, religion at the heart of the electoral campaign

To make up for his five-point handicap in the first round of the presidential election, outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro did not hesitate to play the religion card. Popular among Evangelicals, he tried to reach out to Catholics as well on two traditional festivals, during the campaign between the two towers. During the Cirio de Nazaré … Read more

Military are placed in the heart of the extreme right in Brazil


RIO DE JANEIRO – With two weeks to go before the presidential elections, extreme right-wing activists keep stalking the barracks, calling for a coup, but without moving public opinion, which is more interested in the direction of the new government of Brazil. The truck drivers and radical supporters of outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro who caused … Read more

Brazil faces a final stretch of heart attack and low blows between Lula and Bolsonaro


More than 40 years have passed since Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva —then a metalworker and union leader— stand for the first time in elections to preside over Brazil. It was 1989, the Berlin wall fell and the first Latin American power had recovered democracy shortly before. At that time, a captain named Jair Messias … Read more

Lyonnais chef’s recipe. Jessica Giovanini (Odilia): heart of palm velouté, peanut farofa


Tell us about your recipe for heart of palm velouté, peanut farofa… In France, you eat hearts of palm but only in salads! I was interested in introducing French people to hearts of palm! We eat them in pies, mashed potatoes, on the barbecue… and even in spaghetti! So this velouté, I think it’s an … Read more

Paulo Autuori: “I left Brazil to train Nacional again, I carry it in my heart”


Press button, turn off and restart. That’s the ‘mood’ of National Athletic starting today with the return of Paul Autuori to the technical direction. The trial periods that they had with Alejandro Restrepo, Hernán Darío Herrera and Pedro Sarmiento ended so that they are now betting on a senior coach with the objective of competing … Read more

The legendary Bar Brasil in Zaragoza closes after 40 years in the heart of the city

They said the Violators of the Verse in a song: “See you at the Brasil Bar place or at Moe’s tavern.” This brief verse could well summarize the iconic nature of the protagonist of this report: the brazil bar, located on Jordán de Urries street, a few meters from James I. This mythical Zaragozan tavern, … Read more

Cocaine: the Brazilian port of Santos at the heart of the traffic


The Brazilian port has become the hub for cocaine bound for Europe. So much so that some freight players now refuse to dock there. By Guillaume Perrier The port of Santos, 60 km from São Paulo, is the largest in South America. A boon for drug traffickers. © Nelson Almeida – AFP Published on 08/10/2022 … Read more

[PHOTOS] Brazil: Michelle Bolsonaro, First Lady at the heart of the campaign


BRASILIA | President Jair Bolsonaro has been “chosen by God” to save Brazil, assures his wife Michelle, a previously discreet First Lady but now on the front line in her husband’s re-election campaign. • Read also: Brazil: Bolsonaro says he will quit politics if defeated • Read also: Brazil: A Lula sympathizer killed with an … Read more

The restless heart of Bolsonaro’s Brazil


Tempers are running high Brazil. The celebration on September 7 of the bicentennial of the country’s independence was converted by President Jail Messias Bolsonaro into an entire electoral act, making the presidential campaign of October 2 even more angry. In search of attracting the support of the most conservative sectors, he has even used an … Read more