Disenchanted by Lula’s triumph, Brazilian farmers fear new taxes on the sector

Since the victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the presidential runoff held on the 30th of last month in Brazil, the agricultural producers of that country have been showing their disappointment at the defeat at the polls of Jair Bolsonaro and at the change of government that will take place on January 1st. … Read more

End of the honeymoon of the markets with Lula: they fear that he will boost social spending in Brazil without long

The exchange rate and recent fluctuations in market indices are seen on an electronic board on the floor of Brazil’s B3 Stock Exchange in São Paulo. (REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli) The markets’ short-lived honeymoon with the president-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, seemed to be over on Thursday as investors grew impatient with his desire … Read more

Brazil begins the transition and quells the fear of a violent drift


The elected vice president of Brazil, Geraldo Alckmin, right, with the president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, and former senator Aloizio Mercadante, at the Planalto Palace, in Brasilia, this Thursday after the first meeting of the transfer of powers.EVARISTO SA (AFP) The first electoral defeat of his life —in three long decades of political career— … Read more

They fear that Bolsonaro will not accept defeat, while his son denounces fraud before the elections in Brazil


Fears are mounting that Jair Bolsonaro could refuse to accept defeat in Brazil’s decisive elections this Sunday, after his son-in-law claimed Brazil’s far-right president was the victim of “the biggest electoral fraud ever.” seen”, amid unproven accusations of irregular practices. The statement made by the president’s senator son, Flávio Bolsonaro, was almost identical to the … Read more

Brazil, fear at the end of the ballot


Show of force, in Rio de Janeiro. For the national holiday, organized every year in September, Jair Bolsonaro brings together his supporters on Copacabana beach, among men in uniform and paratroopers. Since coming to power in 2018, the populist president has appointed nearly 6,000 military personnel to key positions. Candidate for his own succession, he … Read more

Gers: in the middle of crossing Brazil, the globetrotter Jacques Sirat confides his “fear of a return to a sedentary life”


the essential Since 1994, Jacques Sirat has traveled the globe. Currently in Brazil, where he has just started the long crossing, the traveler testifies through his unique experience of his relationship to his Gers land and to the world. Villa Epecuén, the Iguaçu and Mocona waterfalls, the Serra do Rio Rastro… So many magical places … Read more

Elections in Brazil: the United States looks at the elections with the fear of a Trump


WASHINGTON.- A scourge is easier to bear when it is shared. For the United States, the last presidential transition was traumatic. The campaign was planned as a battle for the soul and democracy of the country. donald trump he never accepted his defeat, he denounced a non-existent massive fraud –which was later baptized “the big … Read more

Presidential election in Brazil: between electoral fever and fear of chaos


Across Brazil, the fever is rising as the elections on Sunday 2 October approach. On every street corner, leaflets are distributed, banners are waved. The crowd of suitors is dense: some are seeking the presidency; others a seat in Congress, a governorship, and so on. Brazil is a federal country, and each state has its … Read more

Brazil: overcoming fear to ensure the defeat of the fascists


The first round of the Brazilian legislative elections will take place on 2nd October next. The main candidate of the left, Lula, is still leading in the polls, ahead of the fascist Bolsonaro in power, but the latter is on the offensive and seeks to mobilize his supporters in the street, in particular to prepare … Read more