Lula da Silva “turns off” the carnival of the Brazilian Stock Exchange in November

December 2, 2022 | 5:00 a.m. The main financial markets of Latin Americaincluding Mexico, had a positive month in November, but the Brazilian stock market did not have the same luck after it Lula da Silva win the presidential election. Over the past month, Brazil’s Bovespa index, which brings together the 50 most important companies … Read more

Energy agreement with Brazil to spend the winter | Extension until 2025 of the energy exchange memorandum

The trade agreement with Brazil will allow importing energy to “competitive prices“, said the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royon, on Friday. The extension, until 2025, of the energy exchange memorandum will also make it possible to implement a local currency payment system for commercial operations of gas and electricity. Last winter the contribution of the … Read more

Argentina and Brazil signed an energy and gas exchange memorandum until 2025


President Alberto Fernández received at Casa Rosada the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royon and the Argentine ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioliwho signed for Argentina the update of the memorandum, with the Brazilian Vice Minister of Mines and Energy, Hailton Madureira de Almeida, as part of the negotiation. The memorandum arises as a result of three … Read more

Eudeba initiated a bridge for the exchange of science and thought between Argentina and Brazil


Sagastizabal (director of the collection), Guterre (of Unesp) and Álvarez (editor of Eudeba) at the presentation of the collection. Photo: Ernesto Samandjian. With three books that deal with the history of reading and Brazilian readers, consensus and conflicts in contemporary democracy, and a history of women from the perspective of Christian travelers between the 13th … Read more

Tim improves revenues and EBITDA and collects the Brazilian exploit but the Stock Exchange wonders about the feasibility of the State takeover


Tim Brasil saves the accounts of the group that improves revenues and ebitda but is in the red by 2.7 billion due to tax adjustments – The Stock Exchange examines the takeover bid for Cdp Brazil gives oxygen to the accounts of Tim under the guidance of AD Pietro Labriola but on the first Italian … Read more

The exchange with Brazil fell more than 7% in October due to the drop in imports and exports


So, Argentina accumulates ten consecutive months of deficit with the neighboring country. This situation had not been observed since 2018, the last period with more than ten months of the year with a trade deficit (at that time there were eleven consecutive months that showed a negative bilateral balance). In the first ten months of … Read more

Brazil and Mexico are favorite targets of hackers who ask for bitcoin in exchange for data


Companies and public institutions in Brazil and Mexico are frequent victims of hackers who operate with ransomware or data kidnapping in exchange for bitcoin (BTC) in Latin America. These types of cyberattacks have been increasing in the region since 2020 and the government is the sector that has received the most attacks from digital criminals. … Read more

In September, the commercial exchange between Argentina and Brazil marked a growth of 34.7% year


Tuesday, October 04, 2022 | 3:23 p.m. Bilateral trade between Argentina and Brazil was US$2,661 million in September, which is equivalent to 34.7% higher than the value obtained in the same period of 2021, when it had been US$1,976 million. On the contrary, the exchange fell 7.8% compared to last August due to the drop … Read more

Lima Stock Exchange shrinks: Chile and Brazil negotiate 19 and 911 times more


The average amount traded per day on the Lima Stock Exchange is US$9 million in the year, well below the figure registered in the markets of Chile and Brazil, which amounts to US$177 million and US$8,203 million. respectively. Thus, the Santiago Stock Exchange is trading 19.6 times what the local stock exchange per day, while … Read more

Bybit Exchange Discontinues Derivatives Trading in Brazil Following Securities Commission Ban

EFE Latam Videos The streets of London are impregnated with solemnity to fire Elizabeth II Enrique Rubio London, Sep 14 (EFE).- The solemnity that only superlative respect can achieve presided over this Wednesday the procession of the mortal remains of Queen Elizabeth II through the streets of central London, the most visible legacy of the … Read more