Lula negotiates with the Brazilian Congress how to pay for his great electoral promise

Lula, together with the president of the PT and several parliamentarians, greets the public this Friday after a press conference in Brasilia.Eraldo Peres (AP) A month after Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva started his third term as president of Brazil, has not yet announced a single name of the future Government, not even that of … Read more

Why the Electoral Court of Brazil accused Bolsonaro’s party of “bad faith” and imposed a million

Drafting BBC News World 23 November 2022 Updated November 24, 2022 image source, AFP Caption, Jair Bolsonaro lost the recent elections by two percentage points. The Superior Electoral Court of Brazil (TSE) rejected the demand filed by the far-right party of Jair Bolsonaro to annul the results of the last presidential elections. Outgoing President Bolsonaro’s … Read more

In Brazil, religion at the heart of the electoral campaign


To make up for his five-point handicap in the first round of the presidential election, outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro did not hesitate to play the religion card. Popular among Evangelicals, he tried to reach out to Catholics as well on two traditional festivals, during the campaign between the two towers. During the Cirio de Nazaré … Read more

Brazil’s electoral authority rejects request to annul votes

RIO DE JANEIRO – The head of the electoral authority of Brazil rejected on Wednesday the request of President Jair Bolsonaro and his political party to annul the votes cast in most electronic voting machines, which would have changed the result of the 30 elections. October. Alexandre de Moraes had issued a previous ruling that … Read more

Brazil: Electoral authority rejects Bolsonaro’s party’s request to cancel a share of Lula’s votes


Liberal Party (PL) President Valdemar Costa Neto (R), speaks alongside PL lawyer Marcelo Bessa during a news conference in Brasilia on November 23, 2022. EVARISTO SA / AFP A rejection and a fine. The Brazilian Superior Electoral Court (TSE) did not respond to the appeal made by the formation of outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro which … Read more

Brazil shakes off the electoral tension dreaming of the “hexa” in Qatar


Rio de Janeiro (AFP) – The Brazil shirt “has no owner, it belongs to everyone,” says Eliézer Oliveira, a resident of Rocinha, the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro, where World Cup enthusiasm finally awoke after an election in which the “verdeamarelo” identified with the Bolsonarism. For years, but especially during the most polarized electoral … Read more

Brasil: primer “Día de la conciencia negra” tras la derrota electoral del neofascismo bolsonarista


«El trabajo de piel blanca no puede emanciparse donde el trabajo de piel negra está marcado con hierro» Karl Marx   Escrito con la colaboración de Marcos Vieira y Antonio Soler. Nos acercamos a otro Día de la Conciencia Negra (20 de noviembre), en el que aprovechamos la oportunidad para debatir hechos que son el … Read more

Brazil. João Pedro Stedile: “Lula’s victory is a political and social victory, not just an electoral one”


Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the Workers’ Party emerged victorious in the historic elections held in Brazil on October 30. With almost 50.9% of the vote, Lula, a trade unionist who was also president from 2003 to 2010, defeated incumbent Jair Bolsonaro of the Liberal Party who got around 49.1% in the second round. … Read more

Protest against electoral irregularities in Brazil


Millions of Brazilians still in the streets non-stop since the day of the presidential elections to demand respect for their vote. They acclaim the intervention of the Armed Forces to ensure an audit of the votes and election transparency. Well, they reproach that there are places where President Jair Bolsonaro did not get votes, despite … Read more

No, video does not show police officers protesting against alleged electoral fraud in Brazil


“The federal and military police of Brazil Congress is taken to protest against the electoral fraud of October 30 that gave victory to the ex-communist convict Lula da Silva”, describes a publication on a video that shows an apparent mobilization of people in police clothing. This post has been in circulation since November 8, 2022 … Read more