Brazil buries a homophobic taboo of almost a century and aligns a footballer with the 24

Brazilian soccer player Gleison Bremer with the shirt he will wear if he plays minutes against Cameroon.Buddha Mendes (FIFA) In this World Cup marked by LGTB+ demands and the rainbow bracelet controversyBrazil is about to quietly bury a entrenched homophobic taboo. It will be imposed by FIFA, rather than of their own free will. Since … Read more

It is not a group: Brazil is the undefeated player of the century

No selection wants to interbreed with Brazil in a World Cup for logical reasons: in addition to being the country with the most World Cups in its showcases (5), the Verdeamarela is a machine for taking out deluxe players. In fact, to Qatar He arrived with a team molded to his black palate, combining experience … Read more

Shipwreck survivor, improvised taxi driver in Brazil. Story of a pastry chef, Ruggero Bauli: a century of pandoro


Not just a well-deserved and meritorious one celebratory stampa docufilm which tells the centuries-old history of the Bauli group, as well as a freely available volume on the web. But who was Ruggero Bauli, the founder of the Veronese company of the same name which, founded in 1922, this year celebrates just one century of … Read more

“Alcântara”: the travels of a Brazilian emperor in the Arab world in the 19th century


An exhibition dedicated to the Emperor of Brazil Dom Pedro II, whose travels in the Arab world in the 19th century, such as his trip to Lebanon in 1876, encouraged emigration to this country, will be organized from September 21 to December 21 in Dar el-Nimer for Arts and Culture in Beirut by the Brazilian … Read more

The left in Brazil, from one century to another


The Brazilian left already has a long history, which has gone through different political conjunctures. Its origins are nationalist, referring to Getulism. An aspect that survived him, with leaders like Leonel Brizola. Getulism, which came to be vindicated by the greatest leader of the Brazilian left, Lula. If we take the last decades of the … Read more

The Niemeyer Center in Avilés exhibits Spanish art shown for half a century at the Brazilian Biennial


Turn upside down inside out is the exposition Which collects works of the great names of Spanish art of the last half century who have participated in the Sao Paulo Biennialthe cultural synthesis of Spain and Brazil, some never seen before, which this summer can be visited at the Aviles Niemeyer Center. Qualified as “the … Read more

brazil calls, belluno responds thanks to the emigration of the 19th century and the abm


BELLUNO aise – Brazil calls Belluno. And Belluno responds. All this thanks to the historical ties due to the emigration of the late nineteenth centurywhich brought tens of thousands of people from Belluno, Veneto and Italy to the Brazilian land.Ties that continue to be strong. Ties that also aim to develop economic relationships and exchanges … Read more