Brasile. Lula dovrà invertire la rotta nella politica per l’edilizia dopo il disastro di Bolsonaro. Ora le case sono destinate a chi ha già più di una casa e le famiglie senza tetto restano fuori

La notizia che la famiglia Bolsonaro, nella sua traiettoria politica, abbia aggiunto 107 immobili al proprio patrimonio, 51 dei quali acquisiti in contanti, contrasta con la realtà di milioni di brasiliani e brasiliane che vivono senza casa e con il fatto che il presidente ha tagliato 95% dei fondi per le case popolari per l’anno … Read more

In Brazil, the transition between Lula and Bolsonaro has begun and many roadblocks have been lifted

Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro dispersed with tear gas canisters at a roadblock in Barueri, in the state of Sao Paulo, on Wednesday, November 2. AMANDA PEROBELLI / REUTERS The teams of President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and outgoing Head of State Jair Bolsonaro are due to meet Thursday afternoon, November 3, to begin the … Read more

VIDEO. Bolsonaro beaten in Brazil: monster demonstrations in the country for an intervention of the army

the essential Pro-Bolsonaro protests and roadblocks are still ongoing in several major cities across Brazil. All are asking for army intervention after Lula’s victory in the presidential elections. Tens of thousands of demonstrators on Wednesday (November 2) demanded military intervention in many cities in Brazil, including São Paulo, Brasilia and Rio after the electoral defeat … Read more

Peace&Sport, Bolsonaro, Neymar, AS Monaco… the secrets of Brazilian legend Raï in Monaco


Captain of Brazil, world champion in 1994 and voted player of the 20th century for Paris Saint-Germain, “Raï” Souza Vieira de Oliveira is a legend of football. An aesthete and leader on the pitch, gentleman and philanthropist off it. Since 1998, its Gol de Letra Foundation has worked successfully for social inclusion through education, culture … Read more

Brazil, Richarlison and the bicycle kick for Lula who hits Bolsonaro

from Arianna Ravelli, sent to Doha The green and gold striker and a goal that goes beyond the World Cup. “If the shirt is worn by a political party, we Brazilians lose our identity,” he tweeted, hitting Bolsonaro’s nationalism where it hurts the most, accusing him of betraying the homeland DOHA It seemed only the … Read more

Brazil at the polls for the presidential elections, fight between Lula and Bolsonaro


Rome, 30 Oct. (askanews) – Allegations of corruption, Covid, deforestation and even cannibalism. No holds barred between Luiz Inicio Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro in view of today’s runoff for the presidential elections in Brazil. The candidate of the left, former head of state, won the first round almost a month ago with over … Read more

Richarlison, the scourge of Bolsonaro who falls in love with the punished people of Brazil more than Neymar


The Brazil’s selection is one of the great favorites to be proclaimed champion of the Qatar World Cup 2022. In its premiere before Serbianthe Canarinha expired and although he did not convince everyone, he did leave a great name of his own as a highlight: richarlison. The striker signed both goals for the South American … Read more

Brazil: the Bolsonaro

The first live presidential election debate in Brazil, as widely expected, turned out to be nothing more than a shouting match between the top six candidates, especially the President Jair Bolsonaro and the main contender and former President, Lula da Silva, who together engaged in an intense exchange of accusations and counter-accusations throughout the live … Read more

Brazil: Bolsonaro does not recognize Lula’s victory and becomes increasingly militarized to “obstruct the transition” to the new government

The Página/12 correspondent in Brazil, Dario Pignotti, assured that “Bolsonaro would be wanting to repeat what Trump did in 2021: not recognize Joe Biden’s victory and insist that there was a fraud only seen by him, but in Brazil.” The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, made it clear on Tuesday that he is reluctant to accept … Read more

With Jair Bolsonaro still silent, the protests in Brazil intensify: “The situation is critical”


Since his electoral defeat, Bolsonaro has only addressed the nation twice to say that the protests are legitimate and to encourage them to continue, as long as they do not prevent people from going in and out (REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino) The two men were sitting in a bar on November 21, having drinks to ease the … Read more