Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay warn Uruguay against reprisals | Mercosur partners reject a free trade agreement outside the bloc

Argentina, Brazil and Paraguaythe partners of Uruguay in the mercosurthreatened Montevideo this Wednesday with adopting measures of retaliation if he insists on negotiating a free trade agreement outside the bloc. For his part, the Uruguayan president, Luis Lacalle Pou, said that he will advance with his request despite the intimidation of the Mercosur partners. The … Read more

Energy agreement with Brazil to spend the winter | Extension until 2025 of the energy exchange memorandum

The trade agreement with Brazil will allow importing energy to “competitive prices“, said the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royon, on Friday. The extension, until 2025, of the energy exchange memorandum will also make it possible to implement a local currency payment system for commercial operations of gas and electricity. Last winter the contribution of the … Read more

The agreement with Brazil will allow energy to be imported at ‘competitive prices’


Regarding the agreement, Royon pointed out that it will seek to “deepen energy integration with Brazil.” The Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royonstressed this Friday that the extension of the energy exchange agreement signed with Brazil will allow energy to be imported during the coming winter at “competitive prices”, until the Néstor Kirchner pipeline is completed. … Read more

🇦🇷🇧🇷 Argentina and Brazil extend the agreement to export gas and energy


The agreement will be signed by the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royón, and her Brazilian counterpart, Hailton Madureira de Almeida. The Argentine ambassador Daniel Scioli and representatives of Cammesa and the Foreign Ministry will also be part of the understanding. In 2021, Argentina exported electricity for US$1,000 million and so far in 2022 it has … Read more

Brazil signed an agreement to use WhatsApp in the World Cup


Just hours before the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup 2022many fans of the Argentine National Teamwho traveled and will travel to the Persian Gulf country in the coming days, feel that being able to have their smartphone equipment without restrictions is key. Going into an unknown place, in another culture, with a different … Read more

Mercedes suspends its agreement with FTX and removes its logos in Brazil


In the midst of a possible bankruptcy by FTXand an impending investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission into alleged misuse of customer deposits, Mercedes has responded overnight to the changing situation. Although it initially seemed likely that it would keep the FTX logos on its cars for the Interlagos weekend, a Mercedes spokesman … Read more

Who is Roberto Campos Neto, tamer of inflation in Brazil and the only point of agreement between Lula and Bolsonaro


Roberto Campos Neto, the orthodox president of the Brazilian Central Bank, will remain in office until 2024, having been appointed by Bolsonaro and backed by Lula (Reuters) From Madrid – The extreme tension of Brazilian politics between the president Jair Bolsonaro and the elect Lula da Silva has achieved a point of agreement: both want … Read more

Brazil: Lula wants “Opec of tropical forests”. Towards an agreement with Indonesia and Congo


Advances in environmental protection worldwide Lula, re-elected president of Brazil, with Sandro Bennucci, in a photo of 2006, when the current director of Firenze Post was sent by La Nazione for a report in Brazil BRAZIL – Inacio Lula da Silva will be inaugurated as president of Brazil only in January 2023. But his election … Read more

Europe hopes that Lula’s victory in Brazil will allow the agreement with Mercosur to be finalized


The victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil opens a door for Europe that, during Jair Bolsonaro’s mandate, was closed with a slam. Although by itself it is not an absolute guarantee of a new era of bilateral relations, the result of the Brazilian second round of elections has been received in Brussels … Read more

Tether: arrives in 24,000 ATMs in Brazil | Agreement with Smartpay


Tether will be available in 24,000 ATMthose that in Italy we call ATMs, in Brazil, starting with the next one November 3. A very important step forward for him more capitalized stablecoin of the whole crypto market, which continues to make its way into the economy, if we want to call it so, traditional. All … Read more