Taddei to GOAL: “I would like Ronaldo to Roma, Brazil are not the favorites of Qatar 2022” | Goal.com Italy

Speaking during GOALCUP, on the GOAL Italia Twitch channel, Taddei spoke about the World Cup: “Brazil is not the favourite”.

“In Italy I didn’t just play in goal, but in Brazil I did that too”: the uniqueness in the field of Rodrigo Taddei it is recognized by all. During his career he has been deployed practically everywhere, from defense to attack, passing through the midfield.

Intervened at GOAL CUPthe World Cup format broadcast every day on the channel GOAL Italia Twitchthe former player of Rome and Siena, among others, spoke about the most important international competition.

His heart is a bit Italian and he beats for Roma: at the World Cup in Qatar, of course, he cheers for Tite’s Brazil, called to a long-awaited success. But watch out for surprises.

“There have been many surprises: the further you go, the more difficult the World Cup becomes. It’s a bit of everything: quality and luck. I don’t think Brazil are the favourites.”

A former teammate of his plays in Brazil: Marquinhos, who played with him at Roma in the 2012/13 season. From then on, his ambition was evident.

“Marquinhos was very convinced of himself, despite being very young when he arrived at Roma: I remember he used to say ‘If they give me the opportunity, Roma’s starting defender won’t come back on the pitch because I’ll eat him’. He was convinced: not he was arrogant, he wasn’t a phenomenon, but he was very focused. It didn’t surprise me that he got to where he is now.”

One eye on the present and another on the future: Taddei does not hide his desire to see Cristiano Ronaldo, now without a team, in yellow and red.

“I’ve heard about Cristiano Ronaldo at Roma: As a ‘fracico’ Romanist I would like to have him in the team…”.

Taddei and Roma are an inseparable pair: the Brazilian still follows his former team and at GOALCUP he talks about Mourinho and the situation linked to Karsdorp.

“Mourinho is great: one of the strongest in the world, it’s a fortune for Roma. The numbers tell it, but also the teammates who have had him as a coach: Mou is a champion. The Karsdorp question? I don’t know if it could have been better managed: I have experienced a similar situation. While everyone wanted the renewal, ultimately the company didn’t want to. When I left it was because the company, and one person, didn’t want me to stay: everyone else wanted me to stay. In the end they didn’t renew me: I’m sorry because he’s a great player.”

A window to the past: in yellow and red he was coached by Luis Enrique in the 2011/12 season. According to Taddei he had little time available to express his potential.

“Luis Enrique was a very direct one, a serious coach, but at the same time amusing: I learned a lot from him. He then won everything with Barcelona, ​​but in Rome and in Italy some coaches, especially from outside, have little time. he managed to express everything he could give”.

Finally parenthesis on his former teammate, Daniele De Rossi, now coach of SPAL.

“De Rossi coach? He didn’t surprise me at all: in addition to being very intelligent on the pitch, he read matches like few others: he also played defender, when needed. In the locker room he was a leader: I’m very happy for him. I hope he follows up his father’s way”.

Taddei to GOAL: “I would like Ronaldo to Roma, Brazil are not the favorites of Qatar 2022” | Goal.com Italy