Surprise in Brazil: Bolsonaro soars in the polls

Bolsonaro, already considered a loser in the first round, actually flies in the polls. Hated like only Trump and Orban before him, he has nevertheless boosted the Brazilian economy and the population recognizes it. Lula seeks the Catholic vote, sweeping her LGBTI agenda under the rug. For now they are given almost par.

More than 150 million Brazilians will go to the polls on October 30 to re-elect Jair Bolsonaro as president or to bring Lula da Silva back to power, the victory of the latter is far from obvious. Last 2nd October all the pollsters world championships they took for sure the clear victory in the first round of Lula da Silva, the former President and leader of the social-communist workers’ party, however the margin of victory against the incumbent Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro was reduced to a meager 5% (Lula 48.43% , Bolsonaro 43.20%), therefore the second round. On October 30, Brazilian citizens will go to the polls to decide who will be their next president of Brazil.

The outgoing Bolsonaro, representative of the Christian and conservative soul in addition to the good governance of the country, it is in great recovery. For ten days now all the surveys show that the distance between the two candidates has reduced to less than 5% and is close to 3% which is considered the possible margin of error of the investigations, therefore at the moment it seems that there is ‘technical equality’ between the two contenders. Obviously, the international mass media pre-campaigns of the left have already begun they discredit the decisions of Bolsonaro and his government in the last 28 days. There are some factors that could explain the unpredictable victory of Bolsonaro, as hated and reviled by the world’s elite as only Trump and Orban.

First: candidates for the position of Governor elected on 2 October or in the October 30 runoff in Brazilian states that explicitly support Jair Bolsonaro garnered 97 million votes, compared with about 31 million votes garnered by Lula’s supporters. In 12 of the 27 states there will be ballots for governors. In the remaining 15, governors (elected by an absolute majority on October 2) show up to campaign for their preferred presidential candidates, 9 Of these newly elected governors (in the states of Minas Gerais, Río de Janeiro, Paraná, Acre, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Tocantis, Roraima, Distrito Federal) support Jair Bolsonaro and only 6 sided with Lula (in the states of Amapá, Parà, Maranhão , Ceará, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte). The last of them, Governor Neto Zema, elected to lead the large, rich and populous state of Minas Gerais, declared in recent days the full support to Bolsonaro and spurred his voters to support the outgoing president.

Second: evangelical religious leaders they argue Jair Bosonaro, Catholics have always been more inclined, due to the unhealthy and never dormant spirit of liberation theology, to support the candidate of the Workers’ Party and Lula. Lula himself, not surprisingly, showed all his electoral insecurity and brazen hypocrisy precisely in the past daysgoing not only to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Aprecida for a festival of his Catholic supporters, but also sent a open letter to the evangelical and pentacostal leaders, whose contents border on the mockery: he will defend human life as sacred, “I share your passionate defense and promotion of the natural family…” In short, the complete opposite of the abortion promises and LGBTI made in the past months of the electoral campaign. Among the leaders of the various Brazilian religions, the absolute star of football Neymar Júnior, champion of Paris Saint Germain and of the national team of Brazil, also promised in Corsican days that the first goal he scores at the World Cup in Qatar will have a only dedication: “Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil”.

Third: the Brazilian economy and liberal recipes but also attentive to the poor of the government are leading to an economic growth and a reduction of the public debt Without precedents. A ‘golden moment’ for Bolsonaro’s Brazil and its economy minister Paulo Guedes that with an estimated growth from Monetary Fundor 2.8% you can to allow to expand aid to the millions of poor people in the country, raise salaries and give even more impetus to the internal market, where small and medium-sized enterprises have grown by 1.3 million in the last six months, and to exports. In particular, a package of social measures worth over was approved in July 7.6 billion euros to help Brazilians fight inflation. Among the measures is an increase in the value of aid to families from the ‘Auxilio Brasil’ programme, which will be disbursed between 74 and 111 euros, in addition to the granting of aid for truck drivers of 1,000 Brazilian reais, 185 euros, and aid for taxi drivers of 37 euros per month until December of this year. The proposal also includes the transfer of gas vouchers, which until now were granted every two months, will become monthly and their value will be doubled to 120 Brazilian reais (22 euros), as well as 462 million euros to guarantee free urban public transport for pensioners .

Just the ‘Auxilio Brasil’ program, the most impressive pro-family measure and for the childhood of Brazilian history it pertains more than 20 million of families, may have convinced the Brazilians to support President Bolsonaro who, starting in October, decided to send aid every fortnight also to close of the electoral date (120 euros), as well as benefits for those with daughters and gas vouchers for more than 5.5 million Brazilian families. You may not like Bolsonaro but, for sure, Lula da Silva, in addition to abortion and the LGBTI doctrine, would also bring Brazil, after Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Argentina, Nicaragua, Peru and Bolivia into the hands of Cuban and Venezuelan socialism, therefore Russia and China.

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Surprise in Brazil: Bolsonaro soars in the polls