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For a whole day, Sky Sport dedicates all the programming – on channel 202 that it becomes Sky Sport Calcio – ITALIA MUNDIAL 1982-2022- at the 40th anniversary of the Azzurri’s victory at the World Cup in Spain ’82. Many new productions by Sky Sport: “A ride with Claudio Gentile”, Bruno Conti, “A child’s game” with Giorgio Porrà, Buffa & Zico: “Crime Imperfetto”


1982: the most beloved Italy of all time wins the most beautiful football World Cup.

Monday 11th JulySky channel 202 becomes Sky Sport Calcio – ITALIA MUNDIAL 1982-2022: all day long, a dedicated programming to the celebration of the indelible victory of Spain ’82 and of the protagonists who made it so. The goals of Paolo Rossi, the scream of Marco Tardelli, the saves of Dino Zoff, the pipe of Enzo Bearzot and the arms to the sky of the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini are just some of the cameos that made up the plot of that piece of history of the football Azzurro.

A dedicated programming

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The unsuspected ones who have won the World Cup

All day long, on Sky and streaming on NOW, Sky Sport Calcio will become the channel of the ’82 World Cupwith a marathon of tales by Federico Buffa (#SkyBuffaTells Enzo Bearzot And World Stories – 1982 Italia Mundial) And Giorgio Porrà (The Sunday Man Paolo Rossi, il goal boy and the specials on Zoff, # Zoff80: A sports man And # Zoff80: Without Gloves), to savor, relive or get closer for the first time to those memories and the third world title won by our National team led by Bearzot.

New Sky Sport Original appointments

In the schedule there will also be other new appointments for the first time broadcast on Sky Sport, dedicated to Gentile, Conti and Zico. A ride with Claudio Gentilethe Sky Sport 24 format dedicated for the occasion to one of the world championsbetween anecdotes and suggestions related to the victory of Spain ’82; Bruno Conti: “Child’s play”conversation between Giorgio Porrà and Bruno Continicknamed “Marazico”, to investigate with him, taking a cue from the recent biography, edited by Rizzoli, some of the values ​​that led him to win that world title as a protagonist: the family, Rome, the relationship with Liedholm and Bearzot; Buffa & Zico: “Imperfect Crime” with Federico Buffa and Arthur Zicowho together with Franco Dal Cin and Bruno Pizzul reconstruct the negotiation that brought Zico to Italy a year after the World Cup in Spain, revealing some background of Italy-Brazil 1982for many the decisive game of that event.

Buffa & Zico

Federico Buffa tells World Stories – 1982 Italia Mundial

One of the most famous episodes of the series could not be missing Federico Buffa tells World Stories – 1982 Italia Mundiala leap back over the years to tell the history of our country through the history of the protagonists of perhaps the most beloved national football team ever, led by the true inspirer of that unforgettable success: Enzo Bearzot, the patriarch of Italian football. #SkyBuffaTells Enzo Bearzot is the story in two episodes entirely dedicated to the former coach of the world champion national team, the “Vecio”.

Bruno Conti

Paolo Rossi and Dino Zoff

Touching and evocative are the frescoes of two other symbolic figures of that blue epic, Paolo Rossi and Dino Zoff, painted by Giorgio Porrà. L’special edition de The Sunday Man Paolo Rossi, the boy with the goaldedicated to the anniversary of the untimely death of the champion, evokes the myth of Pablito Mundial, the icon next door, a champion who chose to remain himself. An unmissable in-depth study with a look at the almost fraternal relationship between Rossi and Baggio and the paternal-filial relationship that linked Paolo to Enzo Bearzot.

And then Dino Zoff, with two specials written to celebrate the birthday of the “Goalkeeper”. The first # Zoff80: A sports man is the fruit of a conversation between Zoff and Giorgio Porràwhich traces the victories and anecdotes of a legendary career, the second # Zoff80: Without Gloves, a “meeting” between the goalkeepers of the national team who succeeded him. Pagliuca, Peruzzi, Toldo and Zenga met to celebrate a monument of Italian football and discuss the role of the number one, starting with the blue number 1 par excellence.

1982 round trip

Also not to be missed 1982 ROUND AND RETURNthe special of Sky TG24made inside theAir Force plane that brought President Pertini and the National team back to Rome after the World Cup triumph. Around that table, the scene of the memorable card game with Pertini, Bearzot, Zoff and Causio, with the director of Sky TG24 Giuseppe De Bellis there are Beppe Bergomithe professor and economist Carlo Cottarelliformer chairman of the board in charge, and the writer and author Giacomo Papi. Thus was born a four-way chat about the meaning of that victory, how we got to that World Cup, what it left in the memory of the Italians, investigating the historical, political, economic and cultural context of those years.

Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match

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Italy vs Brazil 3-2, the Sky Original docu-series

Two titles by Sky Documentaries. Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The matchthree episodes for the Sky Original docu-series which alternates within it two narrative lines: the first focused on the salient moments of the game through unforgettable moments that have consecrated actions and players to the story. The second on the background, the stories and the anecdotes that revolve around the game itself, enriched by a mix of unpublished material, interviews, photographs, reenactments and 82 memorabilia.

Italy-Brazil 3-2 The match

Paolo Rossi, a champion is a dreamer who never gives up

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Paolo Rossi, champion dreamer: the documentary

Paolo Rossi, a champion is a dreamer that never gives up, is an exaltation of the human and sporting side of a champion who passed seamlessly from glory to dust. The most important moment of the docufilm is obviously the 1982 World Cup won by Italy thanks to the stubbornness of Bearzot who places great trust in Rossi, a champion capable of reciprocating with the very important goals against Brazil, Poland and Germany. Also Sky Sport 24 will dedicate space to the 40th anniversary of Italy’s victory at the 1982 World Cup, with links, insights and unpublished interviews starting at 1pm.

PAolo Rossi

The programming of 11 July on Sky Sport Calcio

  • 06.15 am: The Sunday Man Paolo Rossi
  • 07.15 am: # Zoff80: a sportsman
  • 08.00: # Zoff80: without gloves, all for one
  • 08.45 am A ride with Claudio Gentile
  • 09.00 Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match ep.1
  • 10.00 Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match ep.2
  • 11.00: Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match ep.3
  • 12.00: Bruno Conti: “Child’s play”
  • 1.00 pm: Federico Buffa Tells Italy World Cup Stories (Spain 1982)
  • 2.00 pm: A ride with Claudio Gentile
  • 2.15 pm: Buffa & Zico: “Crime Imperfect” 1 pass
  • 3.00 pm: Bruno Conti: “Child’s play”
  • 4.00 pm: #SkyBuffaTell Bearzot ep. 1
  • 5.00 pm: #SkyBuffaTell Bearzot ep. 2
  • 18.00: Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match ep.1
  • 19.00: Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match ep.2
  • 20.00: Italy vs. Brazil 3-2 – The match ep.3
  • 9.00 pm: A ride with Claudio Gentile
  • 9.15 pm: Special “1982 ROUND AND RETURN
  • 10.15 pm: Buffa & Zico: “Imperfect Crime”
  • 11.00 pm: * Paolo Rossi a champion is a dreamer who never gives up
  • 00.45 am: Bruno Conti: child’s play
  • 01.45 am: #SkyBuffaTells Bearzot ep. 1
  • 02.45 am: #SkyBuffaTells Bearzot ep. 2
  • 03.45 am: A ride with Claudio Gentile

Sky Sports ‘Mundial’ programming