Saquarema Pro: Tessa Thyssen magnificent 2nd in Brazil!

What a last day yesterday!

To make it simple and concise, Tessa Thyssen climbed to the final where alone Alyssa Spencer was able to defeat her, while Joan Duru him, won a magnificent 3rd place beaten only by a Ramzi Boukhiam untenable in 1/2. Highest ranked Frenchman on these Challengers before this penultimate Brazilian event, Maxim Huscenot him, made a very good course beaten by the winner of the event Gabriel Medina in 1/4. the Reunionese still has all its chances of qualifying for the WCT at the end of the year!

The stage is now set, the last remaining places for the WCT 2023 will be awarded in a few weeks to Haleiwa and it will be November 26 to December 7.

All that remains is to write the end of the story.

Maxime Huscenot will have to wait a little longer but it’s getting closer.

(Photo by Thiago Diz/World Surf League)

Amazing Tessa Thyssen

It’s here French in the shape of the moment.

After winning on the landes sand last week the final of the French Open, Tessa Thyssen made at Brazil an incredible journey. 46th in the Challenger Series standings before this penultimate Brazilian stage, the French climbed to the final where alone Alyssa spencer managed to contain his passion.

To reach this final, Tessa had notably triumphed a little earlier in the day over Vahine Fierro in a 1/4 final 100% French before putting it back in 1/2 against the Portuguese Teresa Bonvalotranked 5th after this Brazilian stage and more than ever in the race to reach the CT at the end of the year.

“Obviously I’m super happy, I worked a lot and I improved step by step, so I’m really happy with the progress I made during this event”, said Tessa. “It was difficult with the weather this week, but the Brazilian vibes are just amazing. It’s my first time here and I really enjoyed my stay.”

Tessa had notably won his 1/2 against Bonvalot thanks to a wave taken in the final seconds at the buzzer! Yes, that too she will remember!

With this final, the surfer from St. Barts made a big leap in the provisional general classification since it nibbled 29 places to finally find itself 17th.

Tessa Thyssen had the best performance of her career.

(Photo by Daniel Smorigo/World Surf League)

Quarter-finalist (for the 2nd consecutive time after the Portuguese stage of Ericeira), Vahina Fierro still keeps all its chances of qualification even if it gets a little complicated.

10th in the provisional ranking before heading to Hawaii, the Tahitian knows that she will have to finish in the top 5 to qualify for the WCT. And it will necessarily go through a final at Haleiwa… Not simple but playable! We will all be behind her.


Vahine Fierro eliminated in 1/4 by Tessa Thyssen.

(Photo by Daniel Smorigo/World Surf League)

Joan Duru launches the final sprint

Only a solid Ramzi Boukhiam could have overcome a John Duru intractable to Brazil ! And it was in the 1/2 final.

For the Landes, this result is quite simply the best of his season. After an 8th final at Ericeirathis 1/2 completely revives John in the race for qualification. By gaining 24 places, the Ondrais found himself 16th just 6 places from the qualifying cut-line. So certainly it will not be easy but a new performance of this type to Hawaii in a few days might well send back John on the CT he who was already part of it in 2019. A final at Haleiwa will be necessary to qualify but the Landes is capable of it! He has already done it.


Joan Duru yesterday at Saquarema

(Photo by Daniel Smorigo/World Surf League)

But the surfer French who has the best chance of qualifying is good Maxim Huscenot !

He was the highest ranked surfer before this Brazilian stage (9th). After his 1/4 lost against Gabriel Medina, Maxim gained 3 additional places to be 6th! If the Challenger Series ended there, the Reunionese would qualify for the WCT. But we will have to wait Haleiwa to definitively validate his ticket. Yes, it will be the number one French cartridge in Hawaii and we will obviously all be behind it!

The year of his 30th birthday would be a great reward for this surfer who has never given up during all these years.

Tim Bisso also achieved a good performance at the Brazil. By reaching 1/8th, Tim climbed to 26th place in the standings.

Gabriel Medina delays qualification of top-ranked surfers

Gabriel Medina once again made history, winning the first-ever Challenger Series held in Latin America. The final that saw him face the Moroccan Ramzi Boukhiam was a rematch of the 2013 World Pro Junior Championship which took place at Florianopolis to Brazil. That day, Gabriel Medina won his first title before becoming the first Brazilian WSL world champion in 2014.

The two men have since remained friends and could well end up together on the WCT next season.


(Photo by Thiago Diz/World Surf League)

“Ramzi (Boukhiam) is a very good friend of mine, we’ve had a final together before and he’s someone I admire a lot. I know he trains hard, surfs incredibly well and I hope he will be present on the CT because he deserves it. I am very happy to have had the chance to win an event in Brazil, especially during such a difficult week here in Saquarema. I am happy to be at 100% and healthy. Now we are only a month away from the real work that will start when I get to Hawaii.”

The champ is back.

The path of Gabriel Medina towards the final was not easy, since he had to go through Maxime Huscenot (FRA) in the quarter-finals, and by the local hero Joao Chianca (BRA), in 1/2. Huscenot and Chianca both had the opportunity to definitively validate their qualification for the CT 2023 by winning this Corona Saquarema Pro, just like Ramzi Boukhiam.

The 3 surfers will have to wait for Hawaii to know their fate.


Joao Chianca was close to qualifying.

(Photo by Thiago Diz/World Surf League)

“I like Brazil a lot. I have a great connection with this country, with the people here and I’m really happy with my result”said Boukhiam after his final. “Medina is my favorite surfer and I knew I had to surf my best to have a chance of beating him. It was tight but he got the score in the end. For me he is the best surfer in the world. J I had a good time here, I was able to move up the rankings and now I have a chance to go to the CT.”


Ramzi Boukhiam

(Photo by Daniel Smorigo/World Surf League)

Before this Brazilian leg, four surfers had a chance to guarantee their qualification for the CT 2023 before the last event in Hawaii if they won the event: Joao Chianca, Ramzi Boukhiam, Ian Gentil and so Maxime Huscénot.


Maxime Huscenot will play his qualifier in Hawaii

(Photo by Daniel Smorigo/World Surf League)

While none of them made it, all four took important steps to secure their names on the 2023 CT.

Whether Ramzi Boukhiam and Ian Kindly are now 4th and 5th respectively in the standings, Maxim Huscenot is now tied for 6th with the Australian Liam O’Brien.

Joe Chianca is him 8th.

Spencer wins her first-ever Challenger Series and pursues her qualifying dreams

Alyssa Spencer picked up the biggest win of her career today, when she needed it most.


Photo by Daniel Smorigo/World Surf League)

The American had come to Brazil with the obligation to qualify for the finals in order to stay in the race for qualification for the WCT, and she did so under enormous pressure. spencer kept his composure and form throughout the event, even scoring some of the high scores and beating several big names.

This win was emotionally charged for Spencer as it means she is now just below the WCT qualifying line and still has the chance to qualify!

“There are so many ups and downs throughout the year, we have so many events… It’s really hard to be consistent and when you lose it’s hard to maintain. But I I’ve worked a lot this year and it’s really good to see that it’s paying off”.

Now see you all at Hawaii from November 26 to December 7 for the epilogue of this 2022 season!

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