San Paolo: Mercedes and Ferrari on the hunt for revenge in the penultimate act of the Red Bull World Championship

The twenty-first round of the World Championship proposes the third seasonal episode of the mini GP on the eve

The Formula One World Championship drags itself towards its conclusion by facing two GPs with motivation to say the least … ancillary. The world championship verdicts have been expressed well in advance and the cups are all on Milton Keynes (Red Bull) notice board. In Brazil the local torcida does not have not even a home rider to push: not a supporting actor, let alone a top driver. To move the weekend could only be the particular format that – for the third time this year – provides the GP Sprint on Saturday afternoon. Between two Sundays, the curtain on the season of Max Verstappen’s second title (and in the case of Budget Cap) will fall in Yas Marina with the “grand” final by night of the Abu Dhabi GP that even the very powerful local spotlights they will have a hard time removing from the shadow cone of the World Cup which kicks off the same weekend about two hundred kilometers further west in neighboring Qatar.

To stay on the subject, it is better to focus the spotlight on the upcoming Paulista appointment. The seven-time world champion Sir Lewis has never made any secret of his fondness for the great South American nationmoreover, long-standing, given the colors of his basic helmet, with that Senna-yellow unfortunately increasingly marginalized in the special versions that have long abounded in Lewis’s head and not only him. The Brazilian soul of Hamilton (the third after the UK and the US) was rewarded earlier this week from the granting – during an official ceremony – of honorary citizenship del Brazil, in fact. Busy days for the Mercedes champion (but which ones aren’t?) Who also found the time on the route between Mexico City and Sao Paulo for a demanding “triangulation” which led him to perform in Downtown Las Vegas for a official presentation event of the Las Vegas Grand Prixthe first edition of which is scheduled between now and in just over a year (16-18 November 2023), precisely to separate the Brazilian GP from that of Abu Dhabi.

In short, confirming the initial premise, it is difficult to stay focused on this final of 2022. We try again, remembering that a year ago at Interlagos the usual Hamilton prevailed, opening a tis of successes (completed by the victories in Abu Dhabi and Jeddah) that would have led him to play everything in the controversial final of Yas Marina. On the second step of the podium went Max Verstappen e on the third the other Black Arrow led by Valtteri Bottas. The Finn started from pole position, thanks to the success in the Sprint Qualifying Race ahead of Verstappen himself and Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari, with Hamilton forced to start from the back of the grid and author of a good comeback up to sixth place in just twenty-four laps) for non-compliant rear wing at the end of the official tests, while Max Verstappen he had been fined 50 thousand euros for having touched the offending Mercedes wing under a parc fermé regime. Season finale skirmishes tense and poisoned for which we have almost … nostalgia this year!

As for Ferrari, Sainz’s “podium” on Saturday apart (Leclerc closed seventh), a year ago in Brazil the Reds completed the real GP in reverse order but with very little polish: fifth place for the Monegasque, sixth for the Madrilenian. And this year? The potential remains high, especially in qualifying. For the race, on the other hand, more important “numbers” are needed. To leave no stone unturned, better turn … to Sao Paulo! THEn the bottom, the Scuderia boasts eleven victories (only one less than McLaren) in Brazil: the most recent five years ago with Sebastian Vettel but to remember is also the three consecutive 2006-2008, with Kimi Raikkonen winner in the year of his world title: the last one signed by a Maranello driver, given that Iceman’s success separated to separate the two affirmations of Felipe Massa, the second of which (2008) … with a very bitter aftertaste: driver’s world champion for a few seconds, before Lewis Hamilton’s soft and controversial overtaking in the Toyota of Timo Glock, which he would give to Lewis for … a gluing of points the first title of his series is beautiful in iridescent hues.

San Paolo: Mercedes and Ferrari on the hunt for revenge in the penultimate act of the Red Bull World Championship