Ronaldo Talks Brazil’s World Cup Chances in a PokerStars Twitch Stream!

Ronaldo PokerStars

Brazil will probably win the FIFA World Cup.

In the end that is the opinion of the ambassador PokerStars Ronaldowinner twice (1994 and 2002).

He spoke with PokerNews to talk about the World Cup, his passion for poker and the future of poker in his country.

“Brazilians are always favourites”

“Since 2002, we have witnessed European domination in the conquest of the World Cup.”

Ronaldo was part of the last Brazilian team to win the World Cup, although that victory now dates back more than twenty years. However, that doesn’t stop Brazil from still being among the favourites, according to Ronaldo.

“We all know Brazil and the World Cup,” he said. “They always go there as big favorites compared to other teams, but there are always the same obstacles. Mainly from European countries who have been playing well for several years. Since 2002, there is this European domination at the World Cup.”

Ronaldo Charity Poker Tournament

The ‘European dominance’ that Ronaldo talks about is no exaggeration. Since 2002, only one non-European team has reached the World Cup final (Argentina in 2014), and Brazil were forced to watch Italy, Spain, Germany and France lift the famous Jules Rimet Trophy. However, Ronaldo claims the time has come for Brazil.

“I think the Brazilian team is well balanced, they are in a great moment. Tite made his team with a lot of solutions, with a lot of variables. I am very optimistic about the Brazilian team for this World Cup. “

PokerStars and football legend Ronaldo reunite

A Brazilian passion

Ronaldo Charity Poker Tournament Final table

Whether it’s Formula 1, football or poker, there’s one thing Brazil is famous for: its passion. And it’s that passion, according to Ronaldo, that helps people thrive, whether on the racetrack, in the stadium or at the poker tables.

“Whatever you do with passion, you will do it better and the results will be higher. Poker is no different”

“I think everyone tries to do their best in every area and with a lot of passion. Anything you do with passion, you will do better and with greater results. Poker is no different.”

Ronaldo is no stranger to poker, particularly in Brazil, having worked with PokerStars since 2013 to help grow the game and change attitudes towards the game of poker.

“We all know that poker used to be a very marginalized game. And we started to change that, showing what poker can do and how the game works. And we did it successfully. All Brazilians know the difference the game of poker, which is not just a game of money – it is a sport of the mind.

Ronaldo the Poker Streamer

Ronaldo Sergio Perez Charity Poker Tournament

Lex Veldhuis and Ben Spragg are not the only PokerStars ambassadors to broadcast on Twitch: Ronaldo also regularly shares his online gaming experience with viewers on Twitch.

“Playing online for my internet followers on my Twitch channel has also been a really cool experience. Sharing that time with the guys, having fun with them, playing a few small buy-in tournaments for us to have fun with. was really nice.”

Ronaldo streaming poker on Twitch
Ronaldo streaming poker on Twitch (Photo: PokerStars Blog)

But will we soon see Ronaldo at the live poker tables?

“I hope !” he said. “Poker is a passion that I have. And I remember well the last time I associated with PokerStars. It was really cool to be able to travel, to know certain cities and to play poker.

“Next year, with a more relaxed schedule, I hope to be able to participate in tournaments all over the world!”

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Ronaldo Talks Brazil’s World Cup Chances in a PokerStars Twitch Stream!