Romario writes a letter to Neymar before Brazil’s debut

The ex-footballer Romariochampion with Brazil and scorer of world of 1994, recommended to neymarstar of the Canarinha team who will debut on Thursday in the Qatar 2022 with Serbianwho ignores any criticism and provocation and concentrates on winning the title.

The recommendation appears in an incentive letter that the considered best player of the world from the United States directed the French PSG attacker three days before Brazil’s first game in Qatar.

In the letter, originally published in the The Players Tribune Brazila portal created by athletes and ex-athletes, Romario repeatedly praises Canarinha’s number 10 and highlights the importance of neymar what for Brazil conquered his sixth title 20 years after having achieved the fifth star in the 2002 World Cup.

But for that, make sure neymar have to forget the critics and any other issue off the field.

“Do your part on the pitch and try forget the rest: all that noise that comes from outside. It is what I always say: the one that needs to have a good image is the television set”, he affirmed.

“Continue not giving importance to what others say about you. The hobby BrazilianMany times, he does not know how difficult it is to play a World Cup at a high level, a tournament that does not allow mistakes”, he added.

He affirmed that, in the same way, until 1993 there were many people in Brazil that he spoke very badly of him and that he criticized all his statements. She assured that his questioned behavior was not the result of “arrogance” but of “confidence”.

The mention comes after a German newspaper accused neymar arrogant for having placed a sixth star on the shield of the Brazilian team despite the fact that the competition did not even start.

Romario also asked neymar to think about the team and affirmed that, after the numerous problems that the Brazilian team faced before the 1994 World Cupthe Canarinha only achieved its fourth world title in the United States due to the decision of the players to join.

“It is impossible to conquer anything alone. I know you know about that,” she said.

“I made my story and I am sure that you will do yours. We owe nothing to anyone and the hobby Brazilian he is always by our side when he perceives our behavior, our dedication, our desire for victory”, he added.

He assured that Neymar’s time is coming, “that moment that separates the child from the man”, and that his heart is at peace because he trusts the current star of Brazil and knows that it represents the football that Brazilians want to see.

“No one but you deserves to bring the sixth title home. I trust you. Or rather, Brazil Trust yourself,” he concluded. Romario.

With information from EFE

Romario writes a letter to Neymar before Brazil’s debut