Rodrygo loses the papers before the debut of Brazil

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The Real Madrid striker breaks up with his agent and could have to pay a fine of up to 7 million euros

Rodrygo also faces a legal process to determine the payment of alimony to the mother of his twins

Rodrygo is the jarring note of the Brazilian team. The Real Madrid forward has broken the peace of the concentration in Doha, prior to the debut of the ‘Canarinha’ on Thursday (at 20:00 CET) against Serbia, when announcing the break in his professional relationship with his agent, Nick Acuri . The litigation can derive in a judicial process in which the winger has to pay 7 million euros, which is what the termination clause costs with the Brazilian representative.

The information was given by the UOL portal in a news item with great detail in which up to four journalists have participated. Rodrygo and his father Eric would have even blocked the agent on WhatsApp and social networks who always took care of his career from the youth ranks of Santos FC, until his arrival and the renewal of his contract at Real Madrid.

It is speculated that Rodrygo could even end up being represented by the father of Neymar Jthrough his company NR Sports, which has specialized in managing image rights.

The divorce between Rodrygo and his agent comes after the footballer has renewed his contract with Real Madrid until 2028, with a termination clause of one billion euros. The reason for the conflict would lie in the management of image rightssince the father and the player himself would be unhappy about the lack of advertising contracts, and about the strategy of presence in the media.

Nick Acuri was betting on continuing with a low profile, taking into account that Rodrygo has an open legal dispute with the young Pamella Cristina Souza Costa, mother of twins, for the determination of alimony.

The winger, however, wanted to increase his presence in the Brazilian media to create a favorable environment that would allow him to play more minutes in the World Cup in Qatar, which really seems very complicated considering that he is the third option in his position behind the blaugrana Raphinha, who is the undisputed holder of Titeand of Anthony (Manchester United).

The agent, who will travel to Qatar this week, tries to redress the situation and assures that they are experiencing the turbulence of a long-term successful relationship. His intention is to meet the player’s father.

Rodrygo, for his part, assures through his new press office that his representative is not Acuri or his father, but himself.


Rodrygo’s life outside the field has experienced one earthquake after another in recent months. In February his twin sons were born, the result of a casual relationship with Pamella Cristina Souza Costawith whom he would have maintained intimate contacts on several occasions.

Now Rodrygo only wants to pay two minimum wages in Brazil, which would be only 440 euros, as alimonywhich the young woman considers, with all the logic in the world, an insufficient value to face the costs generated by the two little ones.

The young woman explained this month on a television program in Brazil that Rodrygo belittled her when he found out she was pregnant. The phrase of a recalcitrant machismo does not even need comments: “the wind blows and you get pregnant”, the Real Madrid player supposedly told her in a WhatsApp conversation, which Pamella Cristina keeps. The footballer’s position has soiled the relationship with the mother of his children.

Rodrygo loses the papers before the debut of Brazil