Rihanna or the World Cup lookalike? Neither, the video is from 2014

The singer was not at the stadium in Qatar to cheer on Brazil (also because the South American national team has yet to make its debut). The truth about the image that went viral

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THE World Cup in Qatar they are the event of the season. Beyond the controversy, every day billions of people around the world follow the sporting event organized by the very rich Persian Gulf state. Just browse the social networks to see how many images are shared daily by sports and non-sports enthusiasts, including purely football and color shots. And there are interesting images that come from the country of the sheikhs and that are making people talk more about referee errors or issues strictly related to football, such as the presence of Rihanna in the stands of one of the stadiums. Is it really the Barbados star who bounces from social to social?

The assumptions about the viral images of Rihanna


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The first reaction of those who came across those images was surprise: did Rihanna really fly to the host country of the demonstration to cheer on Brazil (which had not yet played its first match when the video started circulating)? Fans went crazy in front of this hypothesis, which however seemed to be fallacious from the start from different points of view. And, in fact, it only took a few hours for this construction to fall. But then who is the girl who was immortalized in those social images? The resemblance to the Barbadian singer is truly incredible, so much so that someone began to hypothesize that it might not be the real Rihanna but her Brazilian double: an idea that seemed to be much more concrete than the previous one, also because the Brazilian flag showed it drawn on the neck. Priscilla Beatrice, a Brazilian influencer, has also become famous (and above all) for her resemblance to Rihanna and from those images, of not too high quality, the resemblance really seems to be there. But that’s not even the truth.

The truth about Rihanna’s pictures in Qatar


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The one portrayed in the viral frames on social media is not Priscila Beatrice as many had assumed, but the real Rihanna. The truth, however, is quite different. In fact, although the girl with the Brazilian flag drawn on her neck is actually the singer from Barbados, the images that have gone viral on social media do not refer to the World Cup currently taking place in Qatar but to the2014 edition which took place in Brazil. On that occasion, Rihanna was really present in the stands, cheering for Brazil against Germany. That the images were from the repertoire was easy to understand, considering the fact that the Brazilian national team’s debut will not take place until this evening, Thursday 24 November at 20 Italian time, against Serbia.

Rihanna or the World Cup lookalike? Neither, the video is from 2014