Richarlison exhibits his trade of ‘nine’

At the close of the first day of groups, Brazil could register Brazil in the group of brilliant England, France and Spain, in chronological order, or in the community of terrible ones, made up only of Argentina and Germany, and it was left halfway , Come in the teams that won without fu or fa, bland, along with the Netherlands and Belgium, for example, who scored the victory, which is already a lot, it seems in this World Cup.

He saved all three points in a difficult duel against Serbia, which required persistence in the absence of expertise, which demanded seriousness if the fancy It wasn’t enough, it wasn’t enough. richarlison he embodied those two virtues, as useful and valuable as virtuosity to deliver a reassuring victory to Brazil. Attentive to a rebound from the Serbian goalkeeper, he paved the way to victory that he later paved with a beautiful goal at the turn.

Withdrawn with tears

The victory fell by its own weight, without it being a consequence of a match plan that began with Neymar starting from the inside left in the drawing on the board, and that Tite had to correct to overtake him near the area, where he does damage, as seen in the action of the first yellow goal. Far from the rectangle, he gets lost in his eagerness to collect fouls received. He led that ranking before retiring injured (and in tears) to his weak right ankle. Vinicius was looking for them but they were not granted. The passes that Neymar had to give came from Thiago Silva and Lucas Paqueta to connect to the ends. Something unnatural.

The speed of the ball was far from meteoric to disarm Serbia, but quite the opposite, such that the game was being played under a sweltering night that required air conditioning. Absolutely.

Paquetá was the most lucid while casemiro he dedicated himself to what he knows and to what is relegated in that selection of artists: the guardian who protects the estate. There were more bouncers in the Serbian one. Neymar was free to move where he wanted and when he got closer to the area he really attacked him Gudelj to turn him

Body to body

Of all the favourites, it was Brazil that had the most difficult opening, against Serbia, which was first in its group in the qualifying phase and displaced Portugal to the play-offs. Nor was a friendly or neat rival awaiting him in manners. The contact in the body to body it bothered the Brazilians, who were collecting fouls although they could never reach a constant rhythm of play.

And the ball barely reached the area. From Richarlison, number nine, there was no news until two decent balls fell on him. The three forwards were unsuccessful until the awakening of the Tottenham striker, a good student of Harry Kane, Alex Sandro had been the author of the best shot with a long shot that hit the post. Neymar was about to score a direct goal from a corner before dispersing with his battles.

The goal moved Serbia, more than the game, because the plan to protect the result jumped into the air with the first goal. When it came to appealing to ingenuity, the Balkan eleven looked in the mirror and was horrified: they have nothing to do with football.

Richarlison exhibits his trade of ‘nine’