Qatar 2022 World Cup | Where to see Brazil

THE Qatar 2022 World Cup of football have entered the group stageand the teams that have managed to qualify will face each other until December 2 to decide which ones will progress to the round of 16. As we know, Italy is out of the competitionbut many fans will still want to follow the tournament which promises to be very interesting.

Net of the controversy about the possible risks related to privacy for those who travel to Qatar to follow the World Cup and the controversies related to the policies of the Qatar on labor rights and civil rights in general, many football fans are eagerly awaiting the matches leading up to the finals on 17-18 December.

A particularly anticipated match is Brazil – Serbia, valid for the classification of group G. The debut match of the Brazilians in the qualifying group for the round of 16 is not the simplest, given that the Serbian team promises to give the green-and-gold players a hard time. Together with Francethere is a lot of expectation around Brazil: will they be one of the possible favorites of the tournament?

Brazil – Serbia: when to play and where to watch the match

Brazil – Serbia (Group G) will be played Thursday 24 November at 8.00pm. As always, the broadcasting rights of the Qatar 2022 World Cup are held by RAI it will be possible to follow the game in streaming via RaiPlay.

The broadcaster will broadcast the matches in Ultra HD on Rai 4Kinside the package tivùsat. To watch matches in 4K, you will need a compatible decoder and a satellite dish (point up Eutelsat Hotbird 13° East). It is not clear whether it will be possible to follow the matches in very high resolution also via the RAI streaming platform.

If you don’t have a satellite connection, however, you may want to watch other matches from international broadcasters such as BBC. In many cases, streaming platforms have regional blocks that may block access from Italy and other countries outside the covered territory. The solution in these cases is to use one of the best VPNs, which among other things, can change your IP address and make your connection appear to come from another geographical area.

Furthermore, you may also need a VPN if you are abroad for work or study reasons and want to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches streamed on Italian platforms, with commentary in our language.

Below, we want to advise you on what for us is the best solution for watch Brazil – Serbia streaming from abroad via VPN. If you want to learn more about the topic, however, we invite you to read our articles What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) And VPN: what it is, how it works and what it is for.

How to watch Brazil – Serbia in streaming from abroad

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