Qatar 2022 World Cup: in Brazil they took an incredible measure that benefits workers

The Qatar World Cup is full of particularities and unprecedented situations: it will be the first time that it will be held in Middle East, it will not be played in the middle of the year as usual and fans traveling to the host country will have to adapt to a series of rules of coexistence. The schedules of the parties -in addition- will be uncomfortable in other latitudes, reason why in Brazil They looked for a way to counteract this problem with a measure that favors the workers.

The Ministry of Economy enacted a law in which employees can stop their activity to closely follow the selected team led by Tite, which will seek to break with the European hegemony (they won the last four World Cups). To avoid any kind of speculation, the new regulations are published in the Official Bulletin of the Union and it extends to all officials, both public and private.

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Logically, there will be a modus operandi to respect based on the schedules of each game. The first reading refers to the group stage: when the Verdeamarelha play at 12 noon in your country there will be no working day in the morning; if the calendar indicates that it is presented at 13, the workers will be able to leave their posts at 12, one hour before; On the days that they dispute their commitments at 4:00 p.m., all work will lower the blind at 2:00 p.m., that is, two hours before.

The chemistry will not only try to be generated between the people and the selected team, but they will also try to eliminate some resentments that originated in the last time between soccer players and managers. Politics and football have always had a link and in Brazil was no exception, considering that in the last presidential elections several men from the Selection (among them Neymar) made public their support for Jair Bolsonaro.

As a reply, Lula (was imposed at the polls) answered the forward of PSG and made a serious accusation about his alleged evasions. However, now the president who will take office on January 1 has decided to put an end to the protest.

In the week before the start of the World Cup, he raised a message for everyone to support Verdeamarela in the soccer competition: “The World Cup starts soon and we don’t have to be ashamed to wear the green and yellow jersey,” he explained. And he immediately added: “The national team’s clothing does not belong to a political party, it belongs to the people.”

The bars of Brazil will have a millionaire income

For nature, Brazil It is one of the most soccer clubs in the world, so every business that surrounds the environment of the ball is successful. Much more so if an event of the importance of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

What happened now? The competition in Middle East It will leave Brazilian bars and restaurants with revenues of around 865 million reais (162 million dollars), according to a recently released study. This amount represents an increase of 8.3% compared to the numbers shown in the Russia World Cup (2018), according to National Confederation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC).

According to the analysis carried out by this study, the fact that the most important soccer championship on the planet is held at this time of year benefits from the Christmas bonus (or additional salary), which begins to be paid in the country at the end of the year. November, which “favors the expansion of expenses”.

Qatar 2022 World Cup: in Brazil they took an incredible measure that benefits workers