Qatar 2022: Brazil, Green Order, Yellow Progress, Blue Planet and Hexa Champion

The National Team of the Federative Republic of Brazil, “o maior país da galáxia futebol”, has been the favorite to win the Brazil-50 World Cup, and since 1962, the favorite to win all the other World Cups that have been held. . And this time it will be no different.

Here you don’t have to analyze much: what if the defense, what if the attack, what if you, what if I… no, no, no, none of that. This is very simple:

1.- Brazil is always a favourite, so it’s not like I’m inventing warm water.

2.- Brazil has all the qualities of the champion teams, which I have mentioned in some of the previous articles: star forwards, solvent midfield, solid defense and good goalkeepers.

3.- The Brazilian coach is experienced, and has been with the team since 2016. He won the 2019 Copa América, and lost the final in 2021. He was left out in Russia-2018, in an electrifying match against Belgium, in the Quarterfinals .

4.- Scratch does not depend on any player, and maintains an interesting mix of youth with experience.

5.- The Auriverde has not reached a final since the Korea Japan-2002 World Cup. Estola makes, among the great teams of the last 50 years, the one that has accumulated the longest time without reaching a grand final.

6.- The Qatari public should be in favor of the Verde-Amarela, because the great soccer coaches in the country were, at the time, Brazilians.

7.- Neymar is inspired, and has the maturity that he lacked in previous World Cups.

8.- The bookmakers favor him… although the same bookmakers give England a much better chance of winning the World Cup than Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium… that is…

9.- Numerology favors Brazil, which won the 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002 World Cups, and reached the 1950 and 1998 finals: none of those years represents a prime number, nor is it divisible by 4, nor were they leap years… just like 2022…

Final prediction: Brazil will be the champion of the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022.

The Auriverde will begin by beating Serbia with a resounding 3-1, to then squeeze Switzerland with a 2-0, and finally, stamping a 3-0 to the disorderly Cameroon. In the round of 16, the “Scratch” will defeat a combative Uruguay with solvency, by an indisputable 2-0… although both goals will be in the second half.

In the quarterfinals, the Verde-Amarela will overwhelm Germany, with a 5-1, which will feel like partial revenge against the Mannschaft. Then, Scratch will wrap up an incredulous Albiceleste in the semifinals, and with a 3-0 scoreline before the end of the first half, they will jump onto the pitch in the second half, to respect Lionel Messi, allowing him to score a goal for the world star .

The game for third place will be between Argentina and Portugal, in what, perhaps, will be the “game of the century.”

The grand finale will be a close confrontation between Brazil and France. The Final will include three goals from Vinicius, two passes from Neymar (both Jr.). Neymar will score the fourth goal. Rodrygo will assist Neymar and Vinicius. For Les Bleus, Mbappé and Dembelé will score, in plays out of context, at the end of the game.

The Qatar 2022 World Cup will be a World Cup that will mark an era. The participations of Messi, Cristiano and Neymar Jr. in World Cups will conclude; it will be the last World Cup with 32 National Teams (the next World Cup will have 48 teams); and it will be the last final broadcast mainly by Radio and TV/Streaming: we will enjoy the 2026 World Cup in North America, through the Metaverse, and we will all be in the Stadium, from the comfort of our home.

Special thanks to Wikipedia: Have you already updated Wikipedia with the result of the FIFA World Cup, Qatar-2022?

Qatar 2022: Brazil, Green Order, Yellow Progress, Blue Planet and Hexa Champion