Protest against electoral irregularities in Brazil

Millions of Brazilians still in the streets non-stop since the day of the presidential elections to demand respect for their vote. They acclaim the intervention of the Armed Forces to ensure an audit of the votes and election transparency. Well, they reproach that there are places where President Jair Bolsonaro did not get votes, despite the popular support that he has shown in the streets and even in the depths of the Amazon jungle.

Perhaps for the first time in history indigenous populations They arrived in the capital of Brazil to demand the recognition of their votes. With feathers in their hair and traditional paint on their bodies, they are present in Brasilia to repudiate the electoral result.

“We are going to explain to Brazil and to the world why we are here, why we indigenous people are here, why we left our villages and came to Brasilia. just to help those millions of patriots who are here defending this green and yellow flag”, exclaimed one of the protesters.

“Brazilian nation, we are facing the General Headquarters. We are sure that some of these videos will reach these gentlemen. I want to earnestly ask on behalf of the Brazilian nation save our homeland. Because we are the true natives of Brazil and we are here together with the entire population to save our country. we want freedom. We want freedom for our future generations. We want to live in peace. We do not accept communism in Brazil. We have a Constitution that must be respected. That meant for Brazil and for the world”, exclaimed the chief Ronaldo.

One of the most outstanding voices is that of Silvia Waiapi, the first indigenous woman to stand out as a soldier. She is now a deputy elected on Bolsonaro’s lists. “There are indigenous patriotsnot everyone follows the primer of socialism ”, he assures.

Contrary to what the mass media have propagated, driven by the rhetoric of Hollywood figures such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Mark Ruffalo, who tried to impose a story of Bolsonaro as a destroyer of the Amazonthe Amazonian populations show their support for the president.

The protesters show that the story was not local but international, promoted by Emmanuel Macron (who wanted at all costs to avoid a trade agreement between the EU and Brazil due to the disadvantage it implied for European farmers).

The Armed Forces have the right and duty to guarantee order

What the Brazilians are asking for is simply the execution of Article 142 of the Constitution:

“The Armed Forces, made up of the Navy, the Army and the Air Force, are permanent and regular national institutions, organized on the basis of hierarchy and discipline, under the supreme authority of the President of the Republic, and whose purpose is to defend of the Homeland, the guarantee of constitutional powers and, at the initiative of any of these, law and order.”

And the Armed Forces have already expressed themselves. found irregularities in the electoral process and even indications of fraud. They presented their report to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal on November 9 and the next day the high command met with President Bolsonaro.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal highlights irregularities in Lula’s funds

As a result, the TSE began a series of investigations that have resulted in the discovery of millionaire funds in favor of Lula. At least 122 million reais are in dispute (about 23 million euros).

According to subparagraph 2 of article 16-D of the electoral law, for any candidate to have access to resources, they must first submit a request to the party making clear their intention to use public resources for their electoral campaign. According to TSE technicians, Lula He did not present any document in this regard.

“The application demonstrates the candidate’s willingness to use the resources of the Electoral Fund and distinguishes him from those who chose not to receive them, seeking that there is no indistinct distribution of the final public resources of the campaign,” say the technical advisors of the Electoral Examination. and Accounts of the Party (Asepa) of the TSE.

In view of the Bolsonaro’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have been banned, through TikTok, expressed his support for the truckers who have led the protests against the electoral process. He appears on trucks, smiling, throughout the country. Although the video has no text or dialogue, it is understood that she is circumventing censorship while supporting the protesters.

At the same time, the Liberal Party with which Bolsonaro launched his candidacy for re-election, announced that it will request the annulment of the elections. Likewise, andhe General Mourao, Vice President of Brazil, announced that he will not deliver the presidential band for the transition and that neither will Bolsonaro.

In other words, the elections in the largest country in South America have not been defined. October 30 was just the beginning of a battle in the streets and in the courts against the so-called “judicial dictatorship” that favors Lula and his allies.

Due to the situation, La Gaceta de la Iberosfera contacted one of the main expositors of the inconsistencies, Fernando CerimedoPhD in Marketing, Political Consultant and owner of media such as La Derecha Diario.

Cerimedo, from Argentina, submitted a full independent private audit report showing a series of irregularities in the voting process and as a consequence his Twitter account, as well as that of La Derecha Diario and that of many politicians from the Bolsonaro Party, and hundreds of citizens, were restricted in Brazil. Twitter, by order of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) under the command of Alexandre de Moraes, has systematically silenced to the voices that question the result and/or electoral process.

What were the irregularities found in the electoral process?

The most important irregularities have to do with the difference between the results of the votes between the ballot boxes of the 2020 model and those that are not 2020, which are the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015 model.

Small cities where the population is very homogeneous were analyzed and in those cities the result came to vary up to 15 points according to the type of urn. In other words, to provide context, in the same voting center there were ballot boxes of different models, of all models.

In the 2020 polls even Lula could have won 51 – 49 [%]but in that same voting center in the polls that were not 2020 Lula won by 15 points [porcentuales] Of diference. In other words, “people voted according to the machine”, and that is an electoral variable that does not exist. It is impossible. It is mathematically and statistically impossible for this to be the case, that is, literally impossible. The 2020 machines have an internal memory because it is very difficult for it not to be audited and for the software to be touched, and the others have a pen-drive, a flash drive that can be removed and inserted.

What was also found is that between the two models there are two different software, which shouldn’t happen. And it is what the Liberal Party put as the main situation in a report in which they presented the tests and evidence of that software.

What does the fact that they have been able to censor even an Argentine media reflect on the “dictatorship of the toga” that exists in Brazil? What does the future look like with Lula in power in that sense?

The dictatorship is extremely strong, it is advancing much more. They are going to block the accounts of 47 companies of people who allegedly participated in the marches. Yesterday [la dictadura] He passed a law so that parents can take their children away from taking their children to the marches, deputies and senators censured, everything that questions the elections has been censored. Some even have house arrest for having questioned de Moraes or the results.

If it happens that Lula is finally sworn in as president, I think this will be part of his state policy, censorship. They are partners, Alexandre de Moraes was appointed by Témer, a friend of Lula’s.

In a possible government [de Lula]If it were to happen, censorship will be a state policy because by law they can do it. In other words, on October 22, one week before the second round elections, Alexander de Moraes it took up a law that had been declared unconstitutional in 2009, which is the Press Law. there is allows you to censor content that “attempts against democracy”. Well, that law was re-imposed but it also expanded it and gave him exclusive powers, that is, he, Alexandre de Moraes, as the sole censor of justice: he can determine what is and what is not. And that’s what he’s doing.

Protest against electoral irregularities in Brazil