Polarization, a game that dangerously turns Brazil on

However, even scalded by intolerance, the far-right president does nothing but step on the accelerator. He does not stop denouncing a fraud that only lives in his imagination, according to which the electronic ballot boxes used without problems since 1996 would be the tool of the Judiciary and God knows who else to give victory to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

His imagination does not notice that the polls today show an even more favorable panorama for the leader of the left than that of the previous election, from which he was excluded, it is now known from what the Justice Department and even the UN said, for a persecution that took him to jail without evidence or due process.


The polls today give Lula da Silva an advantage of between 15 and 20 points for the first round on October 2. So much so, that the question is not -for the moment- if he will win, but if she will achieve the unprecedented fact of doing it without having to go to a second shift on the 30th of that same month.

The economy plays against the former captain. The year’s growth will be meager – no more than 1.5% – and inflation flies around 12%, destroying the purchasing power of the population, especially the poorest, in which it managed to gain a foothold four years ago with a discourse as conservative as it is populist.

His complaints replicate those of Donald Trump in the United States, which led to the tragic seizure of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Joe Biden’s concern about the possibility that the South American giant could fall into instability is such that it has given rise to to unusual warnings from the State Department and the CIA.

The singsong of fraud has led Bolsonaro to attack the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), in addition to recommending his supporters to arm themselves because all tyrannies – like the one he predicts would lead the left in case of returning to power – “begin when the people are disarmed”. Just like Trump.


Last Thursday, a man was arrested in Rio de Janeiro for throwing a homemade bomb containing excrement into a crowd waiting for a speech by Lula da Silva. The former president was later seen, for the first time, wearing a bulletproof vest. On Saturday, hundreds of Bolsonaristas marched in Brasilia in favor of the free carrying of firearms.

On Friday, meanwhile, Bolsonaro surprised during a graduation ceremony for Air Force cadets at the Pirassununga base –interior of São Paulo– by urging the military to “prepare” for an “internal aggression”.

Taking advantage of the assassination of Shinzo Abe in Japan, Bolsonaro said that “we, the military, and all of you, young cadets, made an oath to give our lives for our country. That is not only in the face of possible external aggression, but above all internal. We must prepare ourselves every day for that possibility.”

Abe “paid for having fought for his country. Most of the time, the enemy is not outside, he is inside our homeland.”

The game is getting more and more dangerous.

Polarization, a game that dangerously turns Brazil on