Paco Roncero prepares the expansion to Brazil and the US of Sublimotion, the most expensive restaurant in the world

With two Michelin stars and three Repsol Suns, the chef Paco Roncero wants to continue growing in the world of gastronomy. This culinary reference is working on various projects, including the expansion of the sublimation restaurant to Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Miami or New York (USA).

At the moment, “nothing is closed, we are negotiating and everything is very advanced,” he says in an interview with EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia, who hopes that if not all, at least some of the options will go ahead in 2023 or 2024.

With a menu of 1,650 euros, We are talking about the restaurant that has been called the most expensive in the world on more than one occasion, although for Roncero it is only “the most expensive”.

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Why? Because “We have a table for 12 people and 30 people working for them”, details. Not only waiters and cooks, but the staff is completed by choreographers, artists, computer scientists… Something curious if it weren’t for the fact that “Sublimotion is a blank room where we create shows and projections for a unique experience”, she explains.

Now it opens in Dubai where it will remain for six months. This after closing the season of four months at the Hard Rock in Ibiza. A season that Roncero has described as “spectacular” thanks to the arrival of international tourists. “It is true that we live from a very foreign client both in Madrid and in Ibiza”, he assures. In the capital he is in charge of La Terraza del Casino.

But his most immediate plans have to do with the opening of a new cooking school. “We have several projects in mind in which education is going to be at the center and we hope that it will not be for a long time,” he says. Therefore, he does not rule out that in a short time some other school ‘by Paco Roncero’ will see the light.

This summer, the chef left the cooking school MOM Culinary Institute by Paco Roncero & CHA, which opened in September 2021 together with an investment partner, the County Hall Arts Foundation (CHA) and in which his wife, Nerea Ruano, also worked. “We have realized that a quality education is needed in which the details of the student are taken care of”, she justifies.

And, in the meantime, it is also still waiting for there to be a second season of ‘Tupper Club’, a reality show kitchen that has the peculiarity that the contestants are famous. It is broadcast on Telemadrid.

This facet, television, is what helps him “become better known.” Although he acknowledges that “it is not necessary” to have more prestige. Of course, he highlights that “the more popular you are, the more people will want to come and see you”.

Lack of staff and prices

Despite being a renowned chef and having even prepared the menu for the NATO summit held in Madrid, Paco Roncero restaurants are also affected by the macroeconomic situation. In fact, he recognizes the rise in the cost of raw materials.

At the moment it is adapting the tasting menu so as not to increase its price as they have already done colleagues from the sector such as Dabiz Muñoz, but does not rule out doing so in the future. “It is something that we will undoubtedly end up doing all of us because it is impossible to maintain the level of quality of raw material,” he indicates.

However, for the chef the biggest problem he faces now is the shortage of workers. “There is a lack of staff because people have a different way of understanding life and they want continuous work from Monday to Friday, and that is impossible in a restaurant,” he says.

Faced with this problem, the chef is testing to close some weekday mornings in order to give his staff more free time, although this is “to the detriment of billing”.

Paco Roncero prepares the expansion to Brazil and the US of Sublimotion, the most expensive restaurant in the world