No! A Brazilian military officer did not announce Lula’s arrest for election fraud

A video about the protests over the election result started circulating on Facebook. In the film, a man appears who calls himself – as it appears on his uniform – a “interventionist reservist“. In the images, the man can be heard announcing the arrest of the newly elected president Luiz Lula and the Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes. Some users are sharing the video on social media claiming that the vote in Brazil was influenced by electoral fraud and that “the traitors will be tried and imprisoned“.

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  • An alleged military officer claims that Brazilian President Luiz Lula was elected thanks to electoral fraud. For this he announces that he and the minister Alexandre de Moraes they will be arrested.
  • The video was also disseminated on social media by Italian users, convinced that the electoral fraud really happened.
  • The man in the video is not an army officer. In a later clip, he makes it clear that he is not and that he has never spoken on behalf of the Brazilian military authorities.
  • In the second clarifying clip he states that there would have been fraud, but that evidence will be sought “after” having “restored order”.
  • The Brazilian authorities drew up a report on the vote, which found no evidence of the fraud.
  • That the vote was manipulated is a rumor spread by the outgoing president himself Jair Bolsonarowhich uses a tactic similar to that adopted by Donald Trump.


An alleged military officer appears only in half of the video, while the other half is covered in a black band praising electoral fraud. The black band reads: “Boom. Electoral fraud. Lula and all the traitors will be tried and jailed. The end. NWO [«New World Order», ndr]”. Below we see a screenshot of the post, and then the accompanying description. The post was also leaked to numerous Telegram channels known to share unverified information, for example here. They are also found tweet Brazilians where the video appears.

«Valuable news from Brazil. The officer explains the current situation to those present: “After the state of war comes the state of siege”. Nobody will be able to leave their home after 19:00. Military tribunals will be established before which all the corrupt will have to answer. They will be charged and jailed. Another officer takes a stand, saying: “Victory is ours. Now we just have to go out on the street. Victory is certain, everything is ready ”. It is determined what will happen now. 1st state of defense. 2nd state of siege. 3. state of war. With evidence of electoral fraud from the army audit, the STM gives Minister Alexandre de Moraes 72 hours to explain the legal manipulations of TSE in the 2022 elections. After 72 hours, it will go into effect. “

The uncut video was also published via Youtube on November 3, 2022.

The narrow run-off

Searching for the officer’s name, Requião, we come across several web pages that confirm that the man has actually announced the arrest of Lula and the minister of the Stf. There are no copies of the video prior to November 2nd. Lula won the ballot against Bolsonaro October 30, 2022. At this point it is necessary to understand the story to verify if the officer’s words correspond to the truth. At the end of October, in Brazil, the ballot was held between outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro and his predecessor, Luiz Lula, who won with a very low margin: 50.9% against Bolsonaro’s 49.1.

The denial of the fraud

Following the defeat, following in the footsteps of another influential figure on the far right, Donald Trump, Bolsonaro shouted electoral fraud. According to the outgoing president, the results would have been manipulated to favor Lula. For this, Bolsonaro invited his parents to to protest to ask for a recount or even a new vote. The protests also led to roadblocks. And indeed, a roadblock seems to be the background of the video circulating on Facebook. Extensive reports of the situation and protests can be found on the New York Times (here And here). To verify whether fraud actually occurred, the Ministry of the Interior and the armed forces, which in Brazil often hold important roles in the state administration, compiled a report, which found no evidence of the allegations by Bolsonaro, who in fact accepted the victory of the rival before the supreme court. To further deny the officer’s words, nine days after the first appearance of the video, there is no news confirming a recent arrest of Lula or Alexandre de Moraes. The only research findings in this regard concern the incarceration of the newly elected Brazilian president in 2018.

Screenshot of the video in which the cars stopped in the middle of the road are highlighted

Who is the man in the video

The protagonist of the video is not a military man, but of a businessman named Herberto Requião who was already a candidate (not elected) during the elections of the 2016 with the PHS party (Partido Humanista da Solidariedade):


The second “clarification” video

There is also a Youtube channel, where he publishes his shorts And a video of November 9, 2022 where he claims to be a former soldier and never spoke on behalf of the Brazilian army in the previous video that went viral. Herberto, during this latest post on Youtube, believes he is convinced of the electoral fraud even though he candidly affirms that he does not have the evidence, but that it will be sought “after” having “restored order”.



Referring to the statements of outgoing Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, a politician and businessman dressed as a military man announces that electoral fraud has occurred in Brazil and that the perpetrators, including the newly elected president Luiz Lula, will be arrested. However, the alleged fraud has never been confirmed and after several days nothing of what has been announced in the video has happened. The man, in addition to explaining that he is not a soldier, admits that he has no evidence to prove the alleged fraud.

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No! A Brazilian military officer did not announce Lula’s arrest for election fraud